July 1, 2011


More great cartoons from Dave Ell. Dave is now on Facebook, search for Dave Ell. He also sells previously created art and will do your custom art. Contact or visit The cost is 20 UK pounds for a single panel cartoon and 50 UK pounds for a 4 panel cartoon.

At this week we just released "Chelsea Spanks! Carolyn & Jewell." It's an hour long reality spanking session with both Carolyn Reese and Jewell Marceau getting spanked continuously in all kinds of variations and with all kinds of implements. This is a MILF spanking extravaganza, topped off by Carolyn crying...almost from the start! She must have been extra naughty!

The Cherry Red Report chats with one of the most popular spanko blogs on the Interwebs: the Chross blog....CLICK FOR CHERRY RED REPORT.

From David Pierson of
It has been one week now since my brother died. He was a founding member of Punishedbrats. He was also a college prfessor who taught film making and video Journalism. We all called him Rick. Rick lived with cancer for over a decade before his death one week ago. At his memorial service, many news and sports celebs turned up. They all noted that they owed their success to Rick. Rick had a strong dislike of the Cliche' " Lost the battle with cancer. I will let him speak for himself.
In attendance at Rick's ceremony was my dear friend Lorraine.

I appreciated that very much. I miss him beyond words.
I have been informed by Pixie that the first of " The Dark Angel' videos will premiere on July 11th.

We are doing a site upgrade and if you go here, you can see a naked Angelina dancing in many different formats.
Next weekend, should all go well, we will be shooting with Amaya Solacie on July 9th.

Now a look at the week that was in brats:


Spank Channel:

Missy Rhodes (formerly Missy M Gold) is back on


This week at
Bedtime Spanking - part 2 and Full Movie with Joelle Barros and Miss Chris. Joelle is going to spend a very long night sleeping on her tummy after this spanking from her Aunt Chris.
Sleep Disturbed- part 1 with Bronte and David Pierson. Clad in only her pajamas, Bronte receives a painful are bottom paddling from Mr. Pierson.
Cookie Drive - part 2 of 6 with Pixie , Veronica Bound and Lily Anna. Pixie's bottom is burning for those lost cookie funds as Lily looks on nervously awaiting her turn over Veronica's lap.

This week at

This week at
Lily Returns to RealSpankings. The gorgeous Lily returns to RealSpankings to shoot. She is interviewed and then given a fully nude OTK spanking by Mr. M as her welcome back.
Monica and Jade Naked Caning (Part 1 of 2). Monica and Jade are interviewed and caned 12 times fully nude by Mr. M for this installment of school strokes.
Veronica and Her School Swats. Veronica is bent over the table and given ten hard strokes with the paddle for this installment of School Swats. She definitely feels those swats through her jeans, as she squeezes out a few tears.

This week at
Amelia grabs her ankles for 10 swats with a wooden paddle - all for research! "A school paddle is simply the worst," admits Amelia-Jane Rutherford after 10 tough swats for A Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment. Dr Zaegler doesn't hold back, as the wood smacks Amelia's bottom five times in tight jeans and an epic five on bare skin, with slo-motion replays!
Corinne Gonzalez in Maid Trouble. Corinne Gonzalez has a generously round pair of cheeks, so Allaura Shane loves to punish those jiggling globes any chance the gets in Maid Trouble! Slovenly dress is a good reason to have her lay over a kitchen counter, panties down and legs dangling free, for 75 licks with a strap. Ouch!
Michaela McGowen in College Discipline. Michaela McGowen pays the penalty after Spring Break in College Discipline. Mr Ryan discovers she hasn't registered for all her classes. It's an excuse to punish her jutting bare bottom with 21 licks of a leather tawse. Great reactions from Michaela and slow-mo cheek-rippling replays!

At this week Clare Fonda ends her ordeal and stands to rub her red, hot bottom. Plus, Ten Amorette just can't seem to get enough padding, as she takes two different paddles...then comes the strap!

At this week Paris Kennedy and Sinn are taking tantalizing turns reddening each other's perfect, round bottoms while they otherwise "please," each other. Hot!

Miss Chris gives Clare Fonda a Wickedly hard thrashing on

This week at
Spanked for Being Late (Part 1). The Dean catches Veronica taking her sweet time in the bathroom. She is supposed to already be in class. He rips her towel off and hand spanks her right there on the spot. He then tells her to get to class
Spanked for Being Late (Part 2 of 2). After already being spanked for running late to class, The Dean catches Veronica still taking her sweet time getting her uniform out of the dryer. She is bent over the railing and strapped with the tawse. She is then put in the corner fully nude holding a quarter on the mirror to think about her actions.
Lily Paddled in the Gym. Lily is dragged into the gym where she is told to wait with her hands on her knees while The Dean goes to get a paddle. He spanks her over her shorts and panties, and then puts her in time out with her bottom exposed.

This week on,Sarah's dad is a preacher and he is out of town on a business trip. Her friend, Galas, comes over to take her to a night club. Sarah knows that it is against the rules, but since dad is gone for the night, who will know? At least that is what she thought. Let's just say it was surprises all around when daddy came home early to find his daughter and her friend dressed as sluts on their way out the door. Also check out Sarah's blog for her latest spanking adventure in England.

This week at
A fan on Bryanna's blog wanted her to be spanked with a special kind of paddle so we set out to design it for him! Once the paddle was complete the only thing left to do was of course try it out on Bryanna's naked butt!

The latest updates at

Spanking & Shame has announced a Relaunch. A new design, new content and exciting new members features!

New at
CRASH part 4.

Now at

This week at The beautiful disciplinarian queened on girls as a head girl.

The latest from

Now at We search high and low to find girls who have never been spanked before for our filmed auditions. This time we have Honey, a real glamour model and we are subjecting her to the full audition, some information about her and her sex life, questions about spankings she may have had, in this case none and then down to a good hard over the knee spanking on the bare. See Honey struggle but she still gets it hard.

This week at

Now at Ruka , Chihiro's older sister, is very mean to her. She gives her many chores to do and spanks her for any mistakes or signs of disobedience.

This week at
I am called to the office for a hard paddling. This time around, the steady cam follows the entire session from beginning to end.

This week at
Mr. M brings Brandi into office and has her bend over the desk. He uses his hand, a small strap, and a small paddle on her ass.

This week at Bailey comes into her dorm room and begins to have a temper tantrum. Coach Daniels comes in moments later to issue a punishment for her bad behavior. She is forced into position and given a hard strapping.

This week at
Dana's Hard OTK Spanking. Kailee drags Dana in and orders her to lower her pants and get over her knee for a hard hand-spanking on the bare. Afterward, she is left to think about her bad attitude.

This week at
Monica Spanked Hard. Monica is given a hard spanking for staying out all night and not letting Aaron know that she was going to be late.

This week in sexy Jadie Reece punishes her room mate, Sam Johnson, for always taking ages in the bathroom in the morning and making her late for work.

At Whitney Prescott spanks Dorian Grant's lovely round bottom for sleeping around with clients. Whitney runs a maid service, not that other kind!

This week's "Highlight of the Week" at
Bedtime Spanking with Joelle Barros and Miss Chris. Miss Chris reviews all of Joelle's recent infractions while the naughty girl is over her lap for a thorough pajama spanking and then sent to bed early. Will this be the lesson she needs to finally begin to behave? Joelle is going to spend a very long night sleeping on her tummy after this spanking from her Aunt Chris.

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