July 22, 2011


Punished Brats News:

I am thrilled to announce that we will be shooting a full length movie ( shot in 5 parts) with Beverly Bacci and Lorraine Little ( Sweet Little Lorraine)

When last they worked togther they had amazing chemistry.

From Pixie:

 Here are a few pics from last week's shoot with Amaya to whet your appetite. :)

 I love the expression on Amaya's face. It's a combination of fear, pain, and 'get this crazy paddle wielding lady away from me'!

Now a look back at the week. A very good week it was.

Angelina Dancing Naked - part 2

Bronte Going Batty - part 1

Lorraine Cookie Drive - part 6


Triple A Spanking Clips Store -
Slapper Clobber
Leia Ann Woods is not impressed with the way her friend Irelynn Logeen is dressed like a slut before they are due to go out so when Irelynn argues with her, she soon ends up over Leia's lap with her bare bottom receiving a good long spanking and leather paddling! This film is every bit as good as the images imply and will appeal to lovers of good old fashioned OTK girl on girl spankings!


This week at
Going Batty - part 1

Bronte and David Pierson
Bronte got into a physical altercation on the softball field. Since she is already being punished regularly and still not learning to behave, it's time to take it up a level with the school strap.
Part of the  popular 'Bronte in Detention' series

Dancing Naked - part 2 and Full Movie

Angelina and Azul
Azul will be keeping a close eye on Angelina. She is determined to make this defiant girl into a refined dancer no matter what it takes.
( Part of the Dark Angel Series)

Cookie Drive - part 5

Lorraine and Lily Anna
Lorraine admits to Lily Anna and Pixie that she borrowed from the cookie drive money. She hands over the money she took, but the girls decide Lorraine will need to endure the same punishment they received.

This week at

10 blistering whacks with a paddle on Michaela’s bouncing bottom!
Michaela McGowen says: “I only have one word to describe this sequence: OUCHIE!” She reports to tutor John Ryan in her PJs, still drunk from the night before. See her pants come down for 10 loud cracks with a wooden paddle in College Discipline. Dramatic reaction cam and slow-mo replays

Adrienne Black in College Discipline -
Six-foot stunner Adrienne Black gets a sharp reminder from family lawyer Earl Grey in the series finale of College Discipline. He orders Adrienne to hold a high crossbar on her four-poster bed for 30 bare-bottom smacks and leaves her sobbing. Watch her choose the implement for her finale!

Samantha Woodley in Learning Curve
Stunning Samantha Woodley is caught trying to escape from a strict establishment in Learning Curve. Thrown over Mr Strickman’s shoulder, she’s marched upstairs for a fast and furious panties-down spanking, following by the hairbrush! High-energy, full power smacks teach her a lesson.

This week on,see Sarah get her naughty school girl spanking in "Spanking the Seniors," Sarah, Carissa, and Kat are seniors and have decided to skip school on senior skip day. Well, apparently their teacher had a very special punishment in store for all the seniors that skipped. Not only were these girls skipping school, but the were drinking on top of that. After bare bottom spankings and a hard paddling, there will be three very sorry school girls.

Now playing at Bailey's After School Spanking
Bailey comes home from school to find Ms. Baker waiting for her. Bailey has been caught hanging out with the wrong crowd and even though she was warned not to, she still decided to go out with them. Ms. Baker bends her over for a sound spanking on her bare bottom. Afterwards she is placed in time out to think about her poor behavior. presents a scene in the spanking soap opera filmed with the spanking schoolgirls form last years Exclusive Education Video. This will be our last look at the girls of EE5

This week at
Hand Spanked by Coach Daniels

This week at

A Hard Paddling for Disrespect at a Lecture (Part 1: Lily)
The RSI girls attend an off campus lecture, but it seems that Riley and Lily could not behave properly. They are greeted by Danny upon their return for a hard bare bottom paddling that leaves both girls bruised and sore for days.

A Hard Paddling for Disrespect at a Lecture (Part 2: Riley)

Monica and Lila Punished for Slacking on Their Chores (Part 1: Lila)

Danny finds the girls making no progress on their assigned chores. Lila is bent over with her hands on her knees. Danny drops her panties and delivers a very hard hand-spanking as Monica waits her turn.

This week at
Fully nude strapping in the hallway (Part 2: Ivy)

It seems the girls did not learn from their paddling, so Michael strips them naked and gives them both a strapping to remember for not cleaning their rooms.

Fully Nude Strapping in the Hallway (Part 1: Lila)

It seems the girls did not learn from their paddling, so Michael strips them naked and gives them both a strapping to remember for not cleaning their rooms.

Betty and Brooke School Strokes (Part 2 of 2)

Brooke is bent over the couch with her bottom bared for her 12 stroke caning. The girls then wrap up with any last thoughts on their feelings about the cane for this installment of School Strokes.

This week at
Cheerleader Strapping with Brandi (Part 1 of 2)
Jessica and Brandi are taking a test in Coaches office. They are passing a cheat sheet back and forth when Coach walks in. Each girl is made to watch as the other is strapped.

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