July 30, 2011


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Punishedbrats news with David Pierson

I just saw the edits of the shoot thar we did with Amays Solace two weeks ago. Pixie did the edits and I must say she did a great job.
Pixie also did a terrific job on the Pixie's preview video. My brother was a master editor and I know that he'd be very proud of the job done here. That link will take you to the Pixie's Preview vid. Pixie Said: I just finished up and posted the latest Pixie’s Previews video featuring new brat on the block, Amaya Solace and Veronica. Even though I fuss and wrack my brain trying to figure out how to weave the behind the scenes footage into an amusing theme or storyline, it’s always my favorite part in the end. I get to be crafty and creative in editing and little animations and hope to make something that will make viewers laugh. Veronica offered quite a lot of smart comments to work with this time around (as she so often does!!) and Amaya is certainly easy on the eyes from head to toe so I hope you’ll take a look at the video and enjoy. Plus, I’ve posted it in our new high resolution format to enhance your viewing pleasure. Take a look and hear Veronica describe my typical day with my computer. I hope to have a few preview pics of Saturday's shoot with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci soon.

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"I have cum in my hair"

Weely Updates!!!!

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Tily & Jewel

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Veronica Ricci

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Katherine St James in Corporal Air
Skipping work and lying about another family death brings the wrath of Corporal Air administrator Eric Strickman and his dreaded paddle. 5 on her dress, 5 on thin leggings and 5 bare bottom gets dramatic reactions from pretty blonde flight attendant Katherine St James. 15 swats, yikes!  
12 bare bottom with a cane tests Amelia’s pain threshold
The heat is on for Amelia-Jane Rutherford in her TV doc A Definitive Guide to CP, as she takes on 12 strokes with a Kaboo rattan cane from Dr Zaegler. “A caning scares me a lot,” she admits. So intense is the punishment, it’s shown unedited for all 12 strokes, even the Reaction Cam foot

Alison Miller in Reform School -
Bubble-butt Reform School brat Alison Miller stole a country club card so she could hang out at the pool. “First we have fighting, insolence, invasion of privacy, and now theft,” says Reform School administrator Brian Archer. Her bikini provides no protection from a hot-bottomed spanking!
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Cheerleader Strapping with Brandi (Part 2 of 2)
Jessica and Brandi are taking a test in Coaches office. They are passing a cheat sheet back and forth when Coach walks in. Each girl is made to watch as the other is strapped.

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Bailey is Given the Hair Brush for Brattiness
Bailey is taken over Kailee's knee and the hair brush is applied to her bare bottom after she is a brat at the mall.
This week on, see Carissa Montgomery get her punishment in "Spanking the Seniors," Sarah, Carissa, and Kat are seniors and have decided to skip school on senior skip day. Well, apparently their teacher had a very special punishment in store for all the seniors that skipped. Not only were these girls skipping school, but the were drinking on top of that. After bare bottom spankings and a hard paddling, there will be three very sorry school girls.

At this week, we've got sexy cutie Tara Lynn Foxx getting paddled for stealing. Naughty girl! And, we have sultry brunette Venus taking a half-hour, non-stop reality spanking...and she's only half way through!
At this week. Sinn's new friend, Bobbi Starr is getting into spanking Sinn style. She and Sinn go at it with energy and creativity. Hot and fun!!

At we've got Jewell Marceau and Eve Ellis as Chelsea's TWO naughty maids!

Alicia Panettiere has been up to producing videos again, and new this week on is "Salt Abuse".  This is a 5 part clip series featuring MJ as himself and Alicia Panettiere.  It was a real-life discipline taking place between MJ and his "Auntie" due to him continually violating his salt intake.  This is the third time that he's been punished so Ms. Panettiere has to make it pretty severe, so implements include: hand, hairbrush, leather strap, slotted wooden spoon, belt, and bathbrush. Additionally, he's made to write lines and stand in the corner.  MJ was a trooper and took a very hard spanking, and Alicia Panettiere's caring heart shines through in this video series.

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Lila and Monica Caught Nude in the Pool (Part 1: Lila)
Monica and Lila are caught naked in the swimming pool by Danny. This is not only a problem because they are nude, but they were already grounded from the pool. Danny goes to get a paddle and has Lila bend over for 12 very hard swats on her bare, wet bottom.

Chosen Punishment (Part 1: Riley)
Riley has earned a hard strapping and her friend Lily decides it is better to receive the same than have Danny make a phone call to her house.

Chosen Punishment (Part 2: Lily)
Riley has earned a hard strapping and her friend Lily decides it is better to receive the same than have Danny make a phone call to her house.

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Monica and Lila Punished for Slacking on Their Chores (Part 2: Monica)
Danny tells Lila and Monica to switch positions. Monica then bends over with her hands on her knees as Danny bares her bottom for her punishment. The ladies are both told that they need to finish the next room with haste or they will be punished again.

Monica and Lila Continue to Disobey Danny (Part 1: Lila))
After already being punished for slacking off on their chores, Danny finds the girls have only just scraped the surface of their cleaning in the foyer. Very displeased he tells the girls to remove their skirts and panties for their punishment. Lila is bent over first to receive the boudoir paddle on her bare bottom.

Monica and Lila Continue to Disobey Danny (Part 2: Monica)
After Lila receives her punishment, Danny tells the girls to switch places. Monica then bends over for her bare bottom spanking with the boudoir paddle. Both girls have very sore bottoms and a lot to reflect on. Danny puts them in a very uncomfortable time out on their knees with their feet raised off of the floor.

Lily Anna Telling Off the Boss- part 1
Lily Anna quits her job thinking she has a better offer at another company. On her way out, she tells her boss, Mr. Windsor, all the nasty things she's thought about him over the years. But when her other offer falls through, she must ask for her position back and pay the price for her unkind words.

Bronte Going Batty - part 2
Bronte is given some time to reflect on her actions as she kneels in the corner after Mr. Pierson finishes strapping her.

Amaya Solace Bath Time Spanking - part 1
Veronica is not content to wait for her daughter, Amaya, to finish up her bath before discussing some matters with her. She pulls the naked girl right out of the bath for an over the knee spanking!

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