July 30, 2011


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Punishedbrats news with David Pierson

Well last week I told you that I had just seen the edits of our shoot with Amaya Solace and, much to my surprise, Pixie posted the first of the movies this week. It seems that you liked 'Bath Time Spanking' quite a bit. The full movie is now playing

It was last week when we shot with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci. Pixie sent a couple of preview pics and the following commentary.
Here are a couple of photos from last week's shoot with Beverly Bacci and Lorraine Little featuring classic spanking expressions.

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Twitter Quote Of The Week
“@vanillagiant: Just jerked off to @amybrookexxx god I Fucking love her she's so damn sexy & I came so hard!!!@” wish I could lend a hand ;)

Clip Stores Updates!

Spanking Princess Kelley
Spanking Fun with Natasha and Kelley Parts 1-3
Sensual spanking fun with my new friend Natasha. She is beyond gorgeous and a master at sensation play, and we just enjoy our time getting to know each other so to speak. She has me over her knee, she uses ice cubes on me, she has me bent over a spanking bench using various implements. She ties me down to the bench, we make out at various points... oh and lots and lots of spanking. It was a really great morning as you can imagine, and I look forward to playing with her lots and lots more :)

This was one of the most painful filmed spankings I have received, and it was extremely emotional as well. My discipline spankings would happen if these clips existed or not, and this was no exception. Most of you know that I have struggled with an eating disorder as well as body image issues for a long time, and this spanking dealt with that. After my graduation, I was feeling stressed and out of control and I started binging again to cope. I also started lambasting my body. Neither of these things is allowed. I am to ask for help when I feel the need to binge, and I am to never talk badly about my body, which Daddy says is beautiful.
This session begins with me standing in front of Daddy, my arms on my head (nude) as he lectures me. He starts with the spoon and he doesn't go easy on me, but he holds and comforts me when its over.
I hope you enjoy this very personal scene.

Weely Updates!!!!

This week at
Dani Jensen

This week at

Eye-watering bare bottom paddling for beautiful star Annabelle Vanderwood!
Bottom lip quivering, eyes filled with tears, sobbing quietly, stunning Annabelle Vanderwood learns the hard way: 10 swats with a bottom-wobbling school paddle! She vandalized a girl’s car at college. Now her Life Coach marks her skin with the paddle’s brand. Amazing Reaction Cam and Slow-Mo!

Carey Brooks in The Office
Carey Brooks faces punishment from boss Eric Strickman in a series finale, after a payroll foul-up in The Office. Carey bends over a table for a good 86 smacks with a ping pong paddle on her creamy curves. And how those reddened cheeks jiggle: wow, what a sight! Catch slo-motion replays too!

Allaura Shane in A Question of Trust -
Disrespect and laziness earn smart-mouthed Allaura Shane a sound spanking with a rolled up magazine, hairbrush and hand from boyfriend Brian Archer. It’s all A Question of Trust, and she’s blown it again! Bouncing red booty cheeks soon change Allaura’s attitude. Watch for an out-take!

This week at
This week at
Bailey is Given the Hair Brush for Brattiness
Bailey is taken over Kailee's knee and the hair brush is applied to her bare bottom after she is a brat at the mall.

This week on, see the full episode of "The Nanny." Sarah is attending school in England and living in a house that her father paid for. She is out of control, missing classes, partying, and her grades are slipping. Her father hires a nanny to come in a and whip this bratty girl into shape with some good old fashioned discipline.

At this week, we've got sexy cutie Tara Lynn Foxx getting paddled for stealing. Naughty girl! And, we have sultry brunette Venus taking a half-hour, non-stop reality spanking...and she's only half way through!
At this week. Sinn's new friend, Bobbi Starr is getting into spanking Sinn style. She and Sinn go at it with energy and creativity. Hot and fun!!

At we've got Jewell Marceau and Eve Ellis as Chelsea's TWO naughty maids!

This week at
Betty and Lila Paddled in the Lunge Postion (Part 1: Lila)
Lila and Betty are waiting in position, bottoms and breasts bared. Lila already in the lunge position, as Mr. King enters to spank her on her bare bottom with a cheek to cheek paddle.

Lila and Monica Caught Nude in the Pool (Part 2: Monica)
After witnessing Lila being paddled, naked and wet, Monica is then told to assume the position. Danny doesn't hold back his frustration and disappointment as he paddles Monica. The ladies are then marched inside where they are told they will be confined to their rooms for the rest of the day.

Paddled at School; Strapped at Home
Mr M is called to pick up Brooke from school after she is paddled. She is brought home and given a very hard bare butt strapping that leaves Brooke crying her eyes out.

Now playing at

Paddled for Sneaking to Class
Brooke tries to sneak past the Dean as she heads late to gym class. She is sent to the Dean's office to retrieve a paddle and then receives a hard and fast paddling before being sent to class.
Ivy and Frankie Spanked Together (Part 1: Frankie) )
Ivy and Frankie are confronted by The Dean about their ever growing files. He decides since the girls are constantly starting conflicts with one another they will aid in each others punishments. Ivy is told to remove Frankie's clothing for her, and hold her down during her punishment.
Ivy and Frankie Spanked Together (Part 2: Ivy)
After being punished, Frankie is then told to remove Ivy's clothes for her. Ivy is bent over the table and spanked on her bare bottom with the tawse. The girls are then put in time out. The Dean leaves to collect more implements for further punishments. 

Lily Anna Telling Off the Boss- part 2
Lily Anna knows it will be tough to get a new job fast in this economy, so she is willing to receive every last spank she deserves from her boss Mr. Windsor.

Pixie Not Here - part 1
Bronte is given some time to reflect on her actions as she kneels in the corner after Mr. Pierson finishes strapping her.

Amaya Solace Bath Time Spanking - part 2
Veronica is not content to wait for her daughter, Amaya, to finish up her bath before discussing some matters with her. She pulls the naked girl right out of the bath for an over the knee spanking!

Spank Amber 
Spanking and Blowjob

This Week at
The Company Dinner
John has been waiting ages for his wife to get ready. He receives a text
from his angry boss telling them "not to bother coming." Fearful that he
might get fired because of his wife's delays they soon argue and she ends up
over his knee since their evening is totally ruined! It only gets worse for
Cindy as she is spanked in her expesnive dress then suffers the humiliation
of John removing his belt to give her bare bottom a darned good thrashing!
This movie will appeal to domestic discipline lovers who like to see
bickering couples and wives given a good hard punishment at home behind
closed doors where no one can hear their cries!

This Week at
Claire is Spanked OTK for Her Bad Attitude
Mr. Daniel's spanks Claire over his knee for her bad attitude. He uses his hand on her jeans, on the bare, and even throws in a dose of the hairbrush.

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