August 13th, 2011


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Punishedbrats news with David Pierson

 Pixie has prepared some sneak pix of the recent shoot with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci, even as she edits her heart out in preparing the footage for broadcast.
     Not only was Lorraine careless enough to lose her sister’s camera, she made an unfortunate wardrobe decision when deciding to wear a one piece jumper on a day she ends up spanked.

Did Lorraine wake up on the wrong side of the bed again? Nope, she was yanked out of bed and spanked in her pajamas. What a morning.

A strict curfew? Beverly is one tough sister.
Captions and photo editing by Amber Pixie Wells. ( I took the pics)
Fan reaction has been fantastic with regard to two of our recent naked or mostly naked spankings.
                                                                                                                       Amaya Solace in Bath Time Spanking                   Pi in Excuseable Excuse

I am going on a short vacation and leaving you in the hands of the capable PB team. If you have any needs write pixie at
When i return, we will be shooting a terrific spanking movie..I'd tell you more but I've yet to write it. 

Twitter Quote Of The Week
My butt seems convinced that my bikini underwear should be a thon

Weely Updates!!!!

This week at
Chloe Elise, Madison Martin, Ashli Orion, a wooden spoon and a bag of
frozen peas on

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NEW SERIES: The Principal’s Office. Adrienne Black gets a painful school paddling!
OMG! A hot new series featuring different girls sent to The Principal’s Office for a high school paddling. Stunning six-foot Adrienne Black takes a blistering 12 swats for fighting. Those tight jeans produce a satisfying CRACK with every swat from Principal Reed! Reaction Cam replays too.

Shopping sprees and surfing porn get Allaura Shane a wooden spoon spanking
Allaura Shane’s boyfriend puts up with her crazy ways …but when he finds her surfing porn on his laptop and that she’s spent a fortune in stores, it’s time for action. That motor-mouth isn’t silenced, but a wooden spoon has a dramatic effect on her bottom in A Question of Trust!

Blistering, bare bottom 225-smack spanking for Katherine St James, guilty as hell!
Pretty Katherine St James has had her share of lickings from boss Eric Strickman. Now she feels guilty about dating a work colleague and asks to be spanked! Yikes. This is one tough, no-nonsense over-the-knee 225-smack spanking session! Kat is truly sorry in Corporal Air.

This week on, Dana Specht is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard right to the bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears!    

At this week,we've got the very last of cutie, blonde Tara Lynn Foxx being paddled and pouting prettily. Lusciously full-figured Lily Cade makes her GoodSpanking debut and Venus and Carolyn Reese (not pictured) are in the midst of their Chelsea Spanks reality spanking sessions! !
At Sinn Sage is still getting her spanks on with hot Bobbi Starr and then she plays Chelsea Pfeiffer's naughty nurse in a too-short nurse outfit that doesn't stay on for long!

At Andrea Neal, Stacy Burke and Venus DeLight are spreading the spanks among their ranks. All give some and all get it accordingly as each naughty lady deserves!

This week at
Brooke school strokes
Brooke does a school strokes interview and is then caned with three different canes on the bare. afterwards she we examine her marks and ask her about the experience.

Betty and Lila Paddled in the Lunge Postion (Part 2: Betty)
The girls are then made to switch positions, and Betty assumes the lunge for her paddling. Mr. King paddles her hard on the bare bottom, which results in tears. The girls are then placed next to each other in time out.

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Lila and Betty Punished for Dress Code Violations (Part 1: Lila)
Lila and Betty are caught without bras by Mr. King. The girls are made to disrobe outdoors and wait until he is ready to deal with them. Mr. King calls Lila in and spanks her bare bottom while Betty waits her turn outside.
Lila and Betty Punished for Dress Code Violations (Part 2: Betty)
Betty is told to switch positions with Lila. She is bent over in the door way and spanked. The girls are left outside on display in time out.

Angelina Poor Performance - part 1
Azul is not pleased with Angelina's performance at rehearsal and has the lithe dancer bare her bottom for the riding crop.

Pixie Not Here - part 2
The large wooden school paddle with holes has left Pixie with a very sore bottom and a very sorrowful demeanor.

Pi Excusable Excuse - part 1
Veronica has to spank Pi for cutting classes again. She has Pi remove her uniform only to discover the girl failed to wear a bra today. This further upsets Veronica and does not bode well for Pi's bottom.
This week in 
This week in Leia Ann Woods stars as Sam Johnson's backing singer. She's been late for shows and messing 
up the dance moves so Sam decides that her peachy bottom needs to be taught a lesson if she wants to stay on the tour.

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Padddled at School

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The Spanking Bench

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