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Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/4/08

CalStar's "Brian,"--you'd think by now he would have had rotator cuff surgery what with all the canings we've been cataloging by him; here in a familiar role he probably created, that of a hotelier who uses the cane to discipline his staff. We find him in the beamed upper bedroom, another frequent setting where cires of pain reverberate from other productions. He is on the phone--one of his maids, Miss Porter, has been caught with a satchel-full of hotel property.

She is sent to him--she is a pretty long-haired brunette. He ransacks her bag--towels, ashtrays, etc. We move quickly to the denouement in this 20-minute format: "We are going to fire you." "I need this job." "Let's try some good old fashioned corporal punishment."

She bends over a chair. He starts with the stiff leather paddle/slapper, not hard at at first. She pulls up her skirt, and since she is wearing just a thong, there is her pretty shining bottom for us. Off with the skirt and the p0stage stamp thong. She has one of those high hard athletic bottoms, perfect for being caught in this predicament. When she bends over for the cane. we are blessed with little winks. Brians lays on about 25 increasingly hard strokes. "Extraordinary pain threshold you have," he comments. We've seen him increase his intensity when he does not achieve the reaction he seeks. "I admire the way you want to keep your job with our hotel."

Next she stands, grasping a beam, legs apart. The first cane stroke here is a different matter. She jumps. "Seems to be a little more biting in this position." About 15 strokes. "Getting a few tears, are we? Jut it out a bit more, Porter." Next she kneels on a wing chair, "bottom right out," for about 20 more, the last 7 sizzle. The camera catches her sweet unhappy face. She watches the strokes coming and winces. "How many more would you suggest? OK, six." And they come fast and hard.

"This little bottom will pay the price for anything that goes missing in this hotel." A perfect little 20 minute exercise, pretty girl. Brian in full demonic mode.

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