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19 Year Old Girls - Still in Uniform

Time: 1 hr 7 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/9/10

We tried to find some redeeming reason to watch this--acting, humor, good sapnkings, etc. There was little to rely on. We will do a short review and try to create some fun, if just for ourselves.

A schoolmistress, actress Miss Hastings, tries to be dour and severe when she confronts three students. We recommend for her a stack of Miss Brown and Miss Chambers films.Three girls--Jones, a tall and striking black girl with a Caribbean accent; Grace, a thin pigtailed blonde; and a third blond girl with long hair (Brigella), will be today's targets.

Grace and Jones fight and wrestle over a cigarette dispute, the schoolmistress breaks up the silly catfight and decides to spank everybody, including the blonde who walked in on the fight. A Victorian-type Queen Anne chair is positioned. The entire video is filmed in a library-like room where the furniture has been pushed to the side not-too-cleverly.

Jones is taken OTK first. She wears a long service uniform-type dress; the other girls are in school uniforms a little different than we usually see. The schoolmistress rucks up the dress and spanks hard on gray full panties. (No thongs, no tattoos, no frontals, no tops off at all in this video). All her spankings in this film are hard, but very, very brief.

She takes blonde Grace OTK next. "You're a disgrace to this school." Talk talk talk. The mistress threatens: "We'll have a knickers inspection," but it doesn't exactly happen. Grace is sent to find a slipper, Jones is sent to change into a school uniform.

The blonde is getting most of the attention in this film. "Just like old times, you and me," says the unconvincing mistress. Hard brief OTK, some slippering, and then the threat of the cane. The blonde stuffs paper padding in her pants.

The mistress returns with a cane, is amused by the blonde's "strange underwear" and finally some caning begins. 10 hard short strokes on panties (still no bare skin at 30+ minutes). Things go quiet. Over the desk for 5 more, pants down (first bare skin at 45 minutes) for another 10.

Blond Grace is giggling in the background. She is supposed to be cornered where we see her tush, but the angle is poor. Jones out again, a little OTK, then a caning on her palms, and last, over the desk for 10 cane strokes on her panties, just 2 on the bare before she too is cornered.

And now, Grace. "Now the wriggler,is it?" Just 4 strokes. Because the blonde laughs, she is placed side by side and both girls are caned, just a few strokes. some more for Grace, bottoms compared, session concluded. Confusing--don't worry about it.


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