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20/40 Spankings

Starring: Carly Daniels
Susan Mills
Dennis Hunter
Running Time: 1 hour
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

The title, 20/40, refers to the ages of the 2 ladies that will be punished in this video. There are several cool things about this, as first it covers a span of having both a young woman and a more mature woman being spanked in the same film. Plus, it also give the turnabout is fair play theme, where Mom who gave the spanking, is then spanked herself by her husband. Some neat themes here, but more about that later. The video opens with the daughter, played by Carly Daniels, sitting on the couch being scolded by Mom, played by Susan Mills. Carly has on a grey t-shirt with burgundy stretch pants and sneakers, which for some reason I thought fit really well with this scene. Why, I don't know, I just did. Anyhow, our errant daughter apparently decided to take her mother's car without asking to go to the mall and then got into a little fender bender. Mom decides that her errant behavior warrants a spanking, even though she is in college. If she lives at home, then she lives by their rules. She is made to stand up and tell her mother that she deserves a spanking for taking the car without permission.

The punishment begins with Mom sitting on the couch and taking our lovely Ms. Daniels across her knee. She gives her a round of stern smacks over her pants and expresses her dissatisfaction with her daughter's behavior. She orders her daughter to stand, and our cute student thinks that the ordeal is over. Oh contraire, the punishment has just begun. Much to her dislike, Mom pulls down her pants to just above her knees, and gets her hand slapped in the process for trying to stop her mom from pulling them down. Silly girl, don't add fuel to the fire. She is pulled back over Mom's knee and continues the spanking, which is a little bit longer and harder than the previous set. Mom explains how she will obey and not break the rules of the house. Carly gets a little bit more vocal at this point, but her outcries fall on deaf ears. She is made to stand once again, and her pants are pulled all the way down to her ankles, and her panties follow seconds after. Mom takes off her slipper and places it next to her on the couch. This raises a question from our bewildered spankee as to what the purpose was to that. Oh, you'll find out soon enough, and back over the knee she goes. As the hand spanking continues on her bare bottom, Mom says that the next time, she should spank her by the open window for all her friends to see. "I bet all of your friends would like to see you in this position". The spanking intensifies a little bit and we now get some light kicking and a little more verbiage from Carly.

Next comes the slipper. "Smack", boy does that get her attention. This portion of the program goes on for several minutes with a lot of whacks from the slipper. What I noticed in this video is that the person giving the punishment doesn't pause to talk. Many times a spanking scene will be say 10 minutes, but spanking is only going on for a few minutes of it while there are pauses for scolding or conversation. Not in the video, the person dishes out the punishment constantly while talking at the same time. Anyway, once the slipper episode was complete, our errant daughter was made to stand in the corner and was told to think about her misdoings. She could not rub her bright red bum while standing there either. So take that, Missy.

Now it's time for Dad to come home and address the situation. She is sitting in a chair, now wearing a dress, while Mom is standing over her commenting on how nice her daughter's hair looks. She asks her mother if Dad will be upset about the accident, and well, it doesn't take long for her to find out. As he questions her about the events, he instructs her to address them by Mommy and Daddy. He tells her that Mom and Dad names are reserved for mature people and she needs to work her way back to that. She has to be treated like a little girl, because that is what she has been acting like. He tells her that he will now punish her, and she protests saying Mom already spanked me. Oh well my dear, oh well. Such is life in the big city. He raises her dress up over her waist and has her reach over her shoulders to hold her dress up. And so it begins, round 2.

Dad is very unhappy about his daughter's behavior, although he never really raises his voice. Always very monotone and focused on his task. He first spanks her standing up over her panties. He asks her what she learned from the spanking her mother gave her. She replies with that she was acting like a child and that she had to be punished as such. Buzz, Buzz, wrong answer. You shouldn't have taken the car without permission. He continues to ask her questions while he spanks her panty clad bottom. He informs her that he lays down the rules and that she will learn every one of them. He continues spanking her while he gives her these rules. He orders her to remove her dress, and then take down her panties. Well, she takes off the dress, but sort of just looks at him while holding the waist band of her panties. Not quick enough, so he takes her under his arm and gives her some hard whacks and tells her she needs to do what he says immediately. I think he made his point, and she lowers her panties down to her knees. She is made to kneel on a stool facing the wall while he leaves to go talk to Mom for a moment. She must think about why she is in that position. He goes out to the porch to chat with Mom, whom he's not to happy with. Besides the fact that she has been inconsistent with their daughter's discipline, it appears as though wifey pooh has gotten herself a speeding ticket. She will be dealt with after dinner and is told to make sure she is wearing the appropriate attire.

Back to our kneeling, sore bottomed brunette. He has her stand, and with panties wrapped around her ankles, she is pulled over his knee for some bare bottom spanking. He lays into her flesh with some hard slaps, that leaves her kicking and yelling. Even after this hard hand session, and even after leaving her bum a fiery red, it's not over yet. No, it is not. He has her stand up, puts a pillow over the back of the chair, and has her bend over it. He removes his belt and informs her that her punishment continues because she still hasn't said that she would be good and would follow the rules, only that her bottom is sore. Well, she'll be sorry now, as he lays into her poor bum with his belt. She screams and jumps with every contact. He makes her repeat all of the rules he gave her earlier while he continues to strap her behind. Finally, he gives her 10 real hard whacks to drive the point home. He has her stand facing the wall with her hands on her head, and the daughter's ordeal has come to a close. However, Mom's has yet to begin.

Mom is found in the bedroom, where Dad confronts her. He is holding her responsible for their errant daughter's behavior, as she has been too lenient. Yes, she spanked her today, but that was too little, too late. He sits on the bed and brings his wife to his side. When he raises her dress, she is wearing see through panties, which is not what he told her to wear. She has special panties that say "naughty wife" on them and that is what she was supposed to put on. He starts slapping her behind while she's still standing and goes on about the panties. He says she's acting like their daughter and that when he asks questions, she doesn't give the correct answer. He pulls her over his knee to continue the hand spanking. After a few moments, he briefly has her stand to remove the panties, and then get back over his knee. He continues his hard and steady spanking, while giving his lecture. This hard hand spanking continues for a few more moments, until he stands her up, grabs her under his arm, and uses the ruler on his wife's bare bottom. He gives her a few rules of her own that she needs to follow and tells her to save the friendship with their daughter until she is mature enough to handle it. All this, while never missing a beat with the ruler. He made a pretty funny comment about her memory being attached to her bottom, so that if he keeps slapping it eventually she'll get the answers to his questions right.

It is now time for those "naughty wife" panties to come out. They are white panties with those words printed on the back. He has her put them on, gives her a few slaps, then has her face the wall. That was the punishment for the lack of discipline towards their daughter. Now comes the speeding ticket punishment. She makes various excuses as to why she was speeding, but in fact, he doesn't really care to hear any of it. She shouldn't have been speeding, and now they have a ticket for it. Time to pay the piper. The naughty wife panties come down to her knees, and she is hand spanked standing up first, then is pulled over his lap for more over the knee action. He gives her a good spanking over his lap, but that is just the beginning. He then has her lay on her back and puts her in what could very well be the most erotic and exciting spanking position there is. Yeah baby, the diaper changing position. He has her on her back, with her legs slightly spread for most of the spanking, out there for all the world to see. At first she protests, but he slaps the front of her thighs asking if she wants him to spank the front of her legs too. No way, she gets those legs up in a hurry. This is a nice long scene in a position that I think should be used more often. He spanks her bum nice and red, and even spreads her cheeks some not to miss any portion of spank able area.

Once the above scene ends, I personally would have been satisfied that this was a well rounded video, but as they say in the infomercial, "But wait, there's more". He gets a bar stool, puts a pillow over it, and uses a strap on his wife's naked flesh. This really gets her jumping and wiggling. He tells her that he wants her to be more responsible, both with their daughter and in her duties. After strapping her hind quarters to a nice shade of red, he hugs her and then puts her into the corner for 5 minutes to "cool off". This video has now finished. I usually veer away from saying "you must get this video" or "stay away" and just let the reader form their own opinion from the reviews, advertisements, and media available. However, this is one you must have in your collection. I am very rarely blown away by a video, and this just became an instant favorite of mine. From a review perspective, it had a little of everything. A young woman, an older woman, a decent story line, multiple positions, including the diaper position, lengthy scenes with plenty of punishment, and several instruments. It really had most, if not all of the ingredients to make an outstanding production. I loved it. Bobbie Tawse may not have as many videos for sale as other companies, or may not be as well known, but this video has just as much caliber as the big names. Nice job Drop Seats, very nice job. Video and sound quality were average.

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