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60 Powerful Strokes

20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/10/09

Not a formulaic performance by far from CalStar--this is a straight-ahead disciplinary caning; the title tells it. The action focuses on the canng and the target.

CalStar's "Brian," shaggy and puffy of face (who of us isn't), plays a disciplinarian at a school. Evans, a student who looks as if she has been held back a few years, has been sent and reports for punishment. She is a solid-bodied redhead, wearing the popular studious glasses, plaid school skirt, and white blouse. She has committed 12 offenses, meriting 5 strokes each with the cane.

Without much discussion, she bends over a piano and raises her skirt to display black bikini panties. Brian begins a slow steady caning. He pulls her panties down at 8 strokes. Welts and weals are clearly evident at 10 strokes, with a long way to go. One nasty stroke has caught both her thighs. Evans cocks her bottom out dutifully without being prompted.

At 40 strokes, with her bottom looking very much banged-up, in the tradition of our European film-makers, Evans has remained stoically quiet--just a few gasps. We have seen this before--Brian is a little frustrated that he hasn't been able to elicit a more emotional reaction. "I've pretty much covered the entire area." Other than hokey facial shots, Evans is a good quiet soldier.

At the conclusion Brian cops his frontal look on Evans, spots some "body jewelry" he wants gone, then sends her to the headmaster for a bottom check. This lady will choose to be a strap-hanger on the Tube ride home.

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