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Ashford School for Girls

Time:29 minutes

An entertaining example of the paddle put to its intended use.

In yet another display of NW's preference for serial spankings in institutional settings; three very young school-clothed girls (and familiar faces) await punishment paddlings. They discuss, in some funny acting worthy of their age, the humiliation of having to lower their panties for student superiors. The paddle will be administered by-- and the girls call her--"Joanne Jameson"--in fact the then very young and thrilling Amazonian NW staffer. The girls discuss, and we have seen elsewhere in the library, that Joanne packs a wallop and relishes the task with a sparkle in her eye.

The three girls sit cross-legged in the student lounge awaiting the event. In walks the gorgeous Joanne and a blonde upperclasslady. Joanne smirks and brandishes the implement, which is not the hard wooden fraternity-model we have seen elicit immediate tears in---to name a few--RGE's "Wild Party" or any number of RealSpanking performances, but in this case a thin, flexible, perforated plastic or rubber affair which gives on impact. This will be a little disappointing to purist paddlers. But as another reviewer Mike skillfully said on that other Site, take heart, there will be gunshots, and plenty of them.

As the other girls watch, "Linda Rodgers" is called up first. She is a bouncy pony-tailed brunette. A little too willingly, she raises her own skirt, bends over, and then lowers her panties to her thighs, while the "charges" are being read to her. These wonderful NW rituals! She is then bawled out for this transgression or that, after each of which Joanne is signaled to lay on 5 full-swing cracking strokes, which she leans into as if hitting a tennis ball. Linda takes 40 this way, with appropriate cries and gasps. By the way she shuffles her feet and twists her reddening bottom out of harm's way, I'd say there is stinging going on here.

Student #2, "Donna," a long tawny-colored curly haired thing, is next to "get in position while I read the charges." She takes her forty in the same fashion, but is a little more vocal about it.

Student #3, it's Nu West's Katie, who has a great career in front of her, not just for what is behind her. Alas, her fantastic bottom and cute little figure are not showcased as they could be here, but you can get to know her very very well on other tapes. She takes her smart 40.

This is standard stuff for Nu West; we do get to see early appearances from Joanne and Katie, and Lee's exploration of the paddle. At the end, the girls vow revenge. I wonder if it happened.

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