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A Bureaucratic Spanking

20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/23/09

Actor Michael Dawes plays an administrator, a counselor at a behavioral clinic, who paradoxically is scolding one of his counselors, a stunning blonde. (After all our reviews, we have read this actor might be named Michael Dawes, which we will subsequently call out. He has received complaints about her. She is over-disciplining her students. He thought he would give her a taste of her own medicine. (Who better to do this?) He has collected her paddles and cane and is going to try them on her to see "if they are too much."

"I'm going to give you some of these spankings." It will just be between them, no reports, no written warnings, right here in this little paneled office, a sort of passageway we have described before. The blonde explains what method she uses to spank, "always a handspanking first."

He sits on his desk and she works herself up and OTK, dress up, black panties on display. Their discussion is rather bureauacratic. He tells her: "You really are talking the local government language." This he tells her while he is the act of pulling her panties down. He comments that he wants "to keep a hand on things," the irony of which, even in her extreme circumstance, she has the poise to note. "Well I didn't become a counseling expert for nothing." They are exchanging sexy talk as her bottom rouges. He uses his oval paddle and ask her if she agrees the over-the-desk position is best. Her bottom wiggling answers the question.

"Time for the cane now." About 25 strokes are shown, repeats, excellent facials of this blond lady. "Do you use this on the little reprobates in the room downstairs?" Her choked "yes" increases the tension. "Brace yourself for the last few." After which: "Do I keep my job?"

Well, of course she will. "We should do this on a weekly basis." She is so flustered she almost forgets to collect her panties before she leaves.

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