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A Caning for Mother and Daughter

53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/29/09

CalStar's "Brian" plays Charlie, who is dating Monica, who has a teenage daughter Jenna. The story opens with the three of them sort of cozying on a couch. Jenna is sent to bed; Charlie and Monica plan a sexual escapade as soon as Jenna settles down and is locked into her room.

Monica tucks Jenna in. Jenna discusses Charlie with her mother and finds him a little "weird." She will get to see it all before this night is over. Monica omits to lock up.

Charlie would like Monica to put on "an outfit" she has acquired. She changes in front of Charlie, who mustr avert his eyes, into a full-fledged schoolgirl attire---blazer, tie, blouse, plaid skirt, knee socks. Charlie is suitably aroused, Monica is into it too; they will reinact a little game of "across my knee" and take it "all the way to the cane." A very cute oufit and part of the fantasy.

Monica is spanked OTK. Nice white satin panties. Charlie fondles and increases his excitement by referring to the "cheeky" Jenna as we works on Monica. He has ideas for two bottoms.

Upstairs, Jenna hears the slap of flesh on flesh, sneaks downstairs, and peeks through the door cracks. She is there when Monica's panties come down. Excellent camera from front, side, and rear. It's a bit unusual to see such an uncontested handspanking--long, slow, and erotic. We have grown accustomed to a bit of resistence.

Charlie is "ready for a stage further" and thinks he hears noises on the landing. Monica bends over the couch, bare, for a naughty examination from Charlie. First, she gets paddled and tortures all of us by twitching her bottom fiercely. Charlie picks up his cane and whips her about 35 times. She is into this for the endgame so takes her punishment with courage. Full-screen closeups. Lovely marks and we can almost feel the heat. She can't wait for "bedtime."

More noises and Charlie catches Jenna at the door. "She is going to take some punishment," and is sent to put on her school uniform. Jenna is a small, innocently made-up brunette. It would appear she is not completely unaware of the dynamics going on here.

Back with her mother, two cunning schoolgirls, with the Satyr himself. Jenna is frightened to be left alone with Charlie, for good reason. Skirt up for a handspanking. Skimpy thong. When he rolls it down, Jenna's little charms wink out. Stand up, blouse off, skirt off, totally naked. A sweet young figure. Charlie's got us all excited. A brief paddling.

Now it is Jenna's turn for "your mother's cane." She takes 15 strokes and is quiet and brave. Immediate marks develop. Charlie provides one of his patented intimate examinations at the end.

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