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A Caning Shared

1 hour 8 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/11/10

Two schoolgirls discuss corporal punishment. Brunette Tiffany is awaiting the arrival of Mr. Robinson, a traveling disciplinarian hired by the school district to call on and spank students on a weekly schedule who do not perform. Friend brunette Amy is intrigued and thinking she might like to try a spanking too.

Robinson arrives--it's the adult actor Jack Uppitt; his presence does not bode well for the girls. Tiffany is scheduled ro get 40 cane strokes today; Tiffany sheepishly offers up Amy as an hors d'oeuvre, maybe 20 cane strokes for each of them?

Robinson: "Doi you know it is going to be severe today?...are you ready?....I am quite eager." We will soon see his eagerness can be measured physcially, like with a ruler. In Tiffany's house (a Calstar set) she is started OTK, skirt up, pantyhose without panties. Robinson has had her here before. Loud, crisp spanking. "Get these [pantyhose] down...legs still have marks from last week."

Amy shows Robinson her red panties while he spanks Tiffany. He nicks her vagina. "Ow, sir." "I'm not interested in that and you know it." (This turns out not to be accurate) He takes Amy OTK at this point for her sampling. "Legs apart." Panties down, camera zooms in in the lady's jewels.

To Tiffany: "Get your skirt off." He eyes her little mohawk as he whales on Amy. Her introduction finished, he places their bottoms side-by-side. "Hand me a decide which." He paddles both girls and gets his fingers between Amy's legs. "Keep still, girl." Amy gets more paddle, Tiffany counts the strokes aloud, then Robinson plays with Amy's breasts .Should be no doubt where this is all headed.

Tiffany suggests to Robinson that Amy will give him a "really good blowjob" if he lets them off the cane, but no dice. Tops off, both girls are naked, lovely sight. Tiffany gets the cane--10 slow strokes, welts rippen as we watch. Then 10 for Amy, adjust postures, 10 more. When Tiffany returns for her next set, Robinson check between her legs. "You're a little wet, aren't you?" 10 more strokes.

That's it for today. Next week the girls will get a huge dose, 50 strokes each. The girls are sent upstairs, naked but for high heels, to wait for Robinson. The girls settle down on the white CalStar couch and begin some lesbian play. Robinson arrives--he's got his penis out and ready to go. Amy sucks him, then he enters Tiffany from the rear while he frigs Amy. The pornographic scene continues, The emphasis on the two red bottoms. Robinson services both girls and is proud to say he is "65 years old." He concludes with the classic facial ejacuation money shot on both girls.

"See you both next week ar my place."

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