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Admiralty House - A Naval Thrashing

time: 31 minutes
Review by MARS posted 9/3/10

One of the better uniform costume dramas we have seen. Much attention to detail and some expense incurred to create some authenticity. We will say though that nothing we have seen compares to the smirky, spoofing Vida Garman, in her WREN duds, facing her superior officer in "Naval Discipline."

Two WRENS have been court-martialed and are about to be transported from the Admiralty House to a correctional facility, but not before male and female naval officers will have a go at them. Onoe of the girls overdubs a narration of how these two officers are feared for their little side ventures and unauthorized punishments. A blonde (Lucy Bailey) and a brunette wear cute little sailor suits you wouldn't associate with a CP fetish--until now. The girls are inspected--front, back, skirts up, bend over, white panties, very correct.

The male Captain, very harsh and threatening and who we have seen before in other disciplinary settings, turns them over to Leftenant Bryan; she carries a paddle like a swagger stick--they do brief toe-touches (backs to us for the skirt rise) and star jumps. The girls in their little blouses and skirts face the wall, while the leftenant rolls up their skirts to expose panties. "This is nothing compared to what you are going to get in military prison."

She handspanks Lucy and then the brunette, before pulling both pants down. "A little warmer now,is it?" She spanks both with a large oval soft paddle. From the Captain: "Harder leftenant, unless you want a taste of this yourself." Next, she alternates bottoms with a strap. "Make them sing out, leftenant....roast those cheeks." The girls' palms are strapped while they face and grimace at us, keeping their skirts down in front, and a final frisk position against the wall for "six hard strokes." Excellent obliques--rosy, shining, swelling bottoms. We watch their bare bottoms as they keep their skirts tucked and go up the palatial staircase to change.

The girls return, spectacularly cute in crisp white blouses, white trousers, and different white WREN caps. The vehicle to take them to the correctional facility is due soon, but there is time to get in a little caning.

Lucy bends over first, a lovely sight, and takes 12 on her trousers from the Captain. Same for the brunette. Lucy returns, this time: "Get those trousers down...those too...around your ankles." A pretty picture in this mural-walled Great Room. 12 more for Lucy--sweet gasps. The Captain: "What do you think of that, leftenant?"

The brunette is brought out, drops trou, for the same. The Captain takes some pleasure in telling the girls they will not enjoy their ride "in the transprt, bouncing around."

The "To Be Continued" suggests several possibilities. We can travel with the WRENS to the correctional facility, or spiffy female Lt. Bryan can receive some instruction.

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