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Anonymous Guest Review posted 3/12/10

In my never ending search for spankingmaterial I came across http://www.clips4sale.com/28209 A big fetish producer who offers all kinds of fetishes, spanking being only a small segment of the shop.

There I purchased the little film 'You're never too old', which turned out to be quite lovely.

It stars the well-known fetish model Julie Simone (who also got a good spanking in a Redhotvideo production) and a pretty cute woman who goes by the name of 'Missy'.

Word of warning: It's an older film and the picture quality is not as good as it is in most up-to-date films.

The film itself runs 23 minutes, of which some 19 minutes or so are pure spanking action.

In the beginning we see Julie Simone, who is 'Mom', waiting for her 'daughter' Missy to come home. Julie has coloured her hair red for this film, she is wearing extremely long false eyelashes and her neckline is pretty low_cut, thus presenting her ample bosom to the viewer.

Enter Missy. Missy is considerably smaller than Julie and a lot leaner. She is also much younger. She enters the house, wearing a skin-tight green dress and goes straight to the bathroom, brushing herself up for yet going out again!

The action begins. 'Mom' Julie is very upset about her 'daughter' Missy breaking her curfew and appearantly not listening to anything 'Mom' says. 'Mom' decides her little one needs to be taught some manners. The 'daughter' seems credibly shocked when she hears she is in for a spanking.

Julie grabs Missy by the arm and motions her over her lap. She spanks with her hand only, but those are solid whacks, that surely sting Missy's little bottom. Soon the dress comes up. 'Mom' is angry about her daughter's black-lace panties and declares that those will be burned once the spanking is finished! She seems to dislikes the panties so much that she pulls them down almost immediatly. So the viewer has the pleasure to whitness a bare bottom spanking that lasts some 15 minutes. If there have been cuts, to give Missy a break, they have been editet out without a trace.

We see the spanking from three different angles. Missys pretty face, which often is hidden behind her lonng brown hair, though, at least till Julie takes care of that by taking hold of Missys hair thus allowing us a better view of the younger woman's agonized and teary face. Then a frontal view from which we see Julie go about her work, spanking relentleslly Missy's cute little bottom. And finally the bottom itself, turning red and redder and developing some nasty marks.

Missy at first complains that she is already 23! and that she needn't be spanked. Her pleas fall on deaf ears of course. Seeing her in absolute distress is...well, terribly sexy. At least for people like me :)

Missy soon starts sobbing quite frantically and is obviously also crying, while Julie remains 'firm' and spanks while constantly admonishing. During the last minutes of the spanking Missy finally breaks down completely. She starts pleading 'Please Mommy stop! Mommy stop!'. She is no longer a woman of 23, but a little girl who is over her mommy's lap getting a spanking. This concept is very dear to many-a-spankos heart and obviously very well understood by the makers of the little film.

When the spanking is over Missy has to stand in front of Julie who inspects her work. Then 'Mom' informs her 'daughter' that she is grounded for two weeks. Missy gives her 'Mom' a long look of what can only be shock and horror before marching her pretty (and now very red) bottom out of the room.

The end of the little film is particularly funny: The camera guy starts talking to Julie: 'Wow, she was right! You ARE very strict'. Julie:'She is talking about me behind my back??' Cameraguy: 'Oh yes, all the time.'

Julie than gets up and the camera is positioned in such a way that we look up to Julie who looks a little intimdating from that angle (what is of course the intention). Then 'Mom' marches out of the picture since she has to have 'a little talk about that' with her 'daughter'. As the picture fades out we can hear the spanking continue in the backround.

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