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A Feel for the Cane

16 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/4/09

Two girlfriends on the white sectional CalStar couch, in a brief filler video. A voluptuous bonde, J.D., is enamoured of a guy, but her girlfriend admonishes: "He's a nice guy but he canes really hard." Her brunette friend wonders if J.D. could take it. We know we must resolve this question.

The brunette will spank and cane J.D. and if she passes, she'll call the guy and recommend J.D. to him. Full-length OTK on the couch, skimpy panties down, for a long handspanking, and J.D. is really squirming.

On her feet, into the bend-over, hands-on-couch, locked-knee, high bottom posture, for the cane. Over 30 strokes are shown. The girls exchange sexy conversation during the strokes, which may have prevented using repeated strokes. She passes the test. The brunette gets the guy on the phone to tell him "what bad friends I've got." There might be a sequel around of this story. Or at least, every time a willing girl is hanging around the studio, throw together one of these episodes.

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