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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Doesn't appear as though any new clips have been added since 5/09. Unsure if they are still producing.

Webmaster's Note: I'm listing this under website reviews, although it's really a cross between video reviews and website reviews. This is on a clip download site with each downloading representing a different production. The guest reviewer has reviewed two of the productions that are available for purchase.

The Lazy Maid
This amateur production stars the cameraman, spanker (and most likely the brain behind African Spanking) David and a young black woman from Kenya named Pauline. At least that is what 'African spanking' advertises. Pauline does indeed have a heavy African accent and all the right looks about her. She wears black clothes and a white head scarf. The first part of the little film, or the two first clips if you are interested in only the downloads, plays downstairs in front of a sofa. David (his accent might be British) instructs his new 'maid' Pauline to sweep the floor while he goes away. While he is doing this David actually walks to the camera a few times and adjusts it anew. The picture quality is good, but can't he afford a cameraman? Ok, David leaves and Pauline starts sweeping, while whistling aloud. She gets tired of it once David leaves by closing the door outside. She makes some rude gesture towards where he left and tosses the broom away. Then she gets confortable on the couch, drinks David's wine and watches TV. David of course comes back, catches her and the fun begins. After lecturing her and after she isn't the least bit sorry (though she seems very uncomfortable) he pulls her up by her ear starts smacking her backside. The spanks seem pretty hard and Pauline starts dancing, trying to wriggle away. David then gets his implements (strap, paddle, cane) and proceeds to strap and cane Pauline's hands. This the first clip. In the second clip Pauline bends over for the paddle and cane. She is still fully clothed. There are no face shots, just her backside getting paddled and caned. Her reactions, though, are quite nice. She has problems keeping position and David (mean guy) even produces some kind of whip to lash her. Then makes her kneel in front of the camera and announces that she will have to go upstairs and recieve the rest of her punishment on the bare bottom.By that time Pauline seems actually quite teary eyed. Start of the third clip.In the bedroom David first has to adjust the camera again. Pauline then asks if she can come and he tells her to do so (no good editing here, in fact no editing at all). Pauline then tries some acting ('oh, no. he is coming.') and quickly bares her bottom whily laying on the bed. Of course David had been standing behind her all the time! The spanking hat follows is of the rather harsh sort. Pauline's bottom gets hand-spanked, paddled, tawsed, caned by two different canes and whipped. She starts crying and wimpering early on, her bottom getting serverly bruised. David lectures her all the time and he seems to be doing a good job in this, too. David films from two different perspectives. One right from behind Pauline and the second from the side if the bed, allowing a different view on her bottom. Again their are no face shots, just loud weeping from Pauline. The crying seems quite sincere. When David makes her count 20 whacks with the cane it seems he had to assure her that it would be over soon. (two more, ok? two more?) She starts kicking her legs but takes her beating bravely. This happens during the third and fourth clip. In the end David tells her to go back downstairs and finish the housework. When she turns around you can see that she has been crying and she seems to have a hard time pulling her clothes back over her bottom. She then walks back downstairs rubbing her bottom all the time.

I have found this video (despite the flawed editing and spartanic setting) quite good. Mostly since it stars a black woman, who, in my view, are vastly underrepresented in the business.

Illegal Demonstration
This video comes in three clips of about 12 minutes length each. It stars a British guy, who is spanker, director and cameraman in one person, and a young black woman named Sweki. Some people might find the setting offensive. The whole scene is supposed to take place in Rhodesia, when the place was still ruled by white racists. (Today the country is called Zimbabwe and is ruled by a black tyrant. Not much of an improvement.) Sweki was caught participating in a some sort of demonstration. She will be punished for that. She gets handspanked, smacked with a big wooden spoon, tawsed, recieves 50 cane strokes and gets finished of with an electric cord. All the strokes are giving on the bare bottom from the very start. Yet, Sweki takes the beating without making much of a fuss. Her big, round, but amazingly firm, bottom seems to be made out of iron. She often rubs her beautiful cheeks while stating that the punishment is very painful, yet barely even winces. 'African spanking' boasts that this is due to Sweki being used to 'getting the lash' while growing up. Whatever the reason, this girl's limits are amazing. When she first gets handspanked and then her tormenter switches to the big wooden spoon, Sweki refuses to believe that he had first used his hand, but insists it must have been some implement. Obviously she does feel the pain, but is good at not showing it. Some comments on the technical quality: Picture quality is good, but it occurs to the spanker only nearly at the end of the first clip to turn the lights on. That took too long, the first 8 minutes are simply too dark. The rest of the video is fine. There are no face shots. You just see Sweki's bottom getting spanked. After every ten strokes she is allowed to do some rubbing, what she does intensively. The electric cord she gets while laying down. But here too, we only get to see her beautiful bottom. Her face is only visible in the first 4 minutes when her punishment is explained to her. All in all the video is not bad, but maybe a bit overprized.

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