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After Concert Canings

48 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/16/09

CalStar's Michael Dawes plays Justin, who has brought two groupie girls home to his country estate, in this standard conventional effort. Claire is a thin blonde in red top and red plaid skirt, and the brunette wears a dark skirt and leotard top.They do a good job of expressing giddy delight with his house and his lifestyle.

Justin must run out for beer, so the girls immediately explore the house and find his stack of spanking implements in his office. "Do you think he is really into spanking?" The girls are going to try them out. The brunette will spank Claire first, OTK. "I've always liked your bottom." She is fascinated with Claire's white mesh panties. "Oh,you're all wet," which seems to be caused by being spanked and maybe her boyfriend likes wet panties. The brunette rolls the panties down with obvious pleasure.

Claire checks--yes, the brunette is getting wet too. Claire suggests the brunette try one of the paddles; they rise, she bends over the couch, skirt turned up. Justin drives in, they hear his car on the gravel, and he spies them at play through the window and lets them continue.

The brunette drops her skirt, to display a large Betty Boop tattoo on her right buttock. Claire's paddling continues, knees spread wider. "Fuck me, fuck me."

Justin comes in, feigns anger over her snooping, and takes over the task. The shameless girls, half naked, love it and go right along. Justin spanks the brunette while Claire sits adjacent and masturbates. He tells the girls: "I'm preparing you for my swishy cane." The girls love his spanky talk. Claire is next OTK. Justin's knee spreads her legs. After some paddling, Justin does the pro-forma side-by-side bottom inspection "to level things out before I cane the both of you." Claire needs a little more color from the paddle.

"Who wants to go first?' The brunette bends over, legs locked, bottom-high. Claire holds her, and 27 cane strokes are shown, which include repeats from the appropriate angles. The girls are asked: "Now quiet, please," which improves the quality of the repeats. Good marks and weals, and more than one strangled gasp. This might not have been much fun as originally thought. It is dead quiet.

Claire assumes the same pose, "a fresh bottom to be caned," and about 30 strokes are shown. Both girls retained their clothes throughout, except for knickers. Justin would like to end the session by having the brunette use a strap-on dildo on Claire. Both girls are enthusiastic, but we won't see the session.

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