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A Fundamental Caning

year: 2006
Time: 50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/5/09

One of the geezer-type spankers, seemingly detombed from the Roue era of schoolgirl videos, plays a gowned Don headmaster-type, who faces two female students who insist on wearing full length burkas and veils in violation of school policy as well as terms the school had agreed to with their parents. The headmaster has got the contract to prove it. He explains, "Our girls are subject to corporal punishment." On their first day at school, these Saudi students are going to face some "old fashioned English punishment." These girls at this ritzy school should know the meaning of "fundament."

The first girl is taken OTK. Under her burka we see jeans, long brown ringlet hair, and tattoos. So this is a game. We'll play. She is a delightful aboriginal-looking exotic. When the headmaster works her jeans down, she exposes a naughty little thong with tie-strings. The handspanking elicits: "Ooh..sorry, sir..." She is cornered for the moment, bottom bare, hands-on-head, very sweet to contemplate.

The second girl is taken OTK and similar surprises are found under her burka. Pale auburn-haired, very vulnerable. The headmaster fondles and takes some pleasure in slapping thighs when she cries out and tries to cover up. The two girls stand side-by-side for us to comare the progress. The burkas interfere. "Get those ridiculous outfits off." The girls strip nude, giving us full glimpses as they struggle out of their pants and shoes. The headmaster is in heaven.

The exotic brunette, now naked and stripped of any ideology, is recalled for her next phase, kneeling on a chair, breasts exposed like sweet low pears, for some paddling. The blonde watches, nude also, facing us, providing the visual choice found in the CalStar format. The floppy sole-like paddle causes some intake of breath. "More effective?" "Yes...Sir..." "You are going to meet the English cane later on." Her bottom shows the little bumps and blotches we associate with paddling. She flashes her mohawk when she changes places with the blonde.

The blonde is a lot less happy during her chair time. The actress cries out much more and almost falls off the chair during her paddling. Closeups of her pale botched bottom show fine peachfuzz hair. The headmaster is fascinated, as are we.

Time for some nude PT, facing us, always a treat. "Arms astride" (jumping jacks for us), touch-toes (viewed front and rear), running-in-place. Charming jiggles and exposure. "It's caning time."

The girls claim they haven't seen the cane before. This should be fun. The brunette is first to bend naked over a table, her bottom high in perfect position, legs open. She takes 20 strokes, moderate to increasingly hard. Intimate closeups. No makeup artist could construct these weals.

When the blonde's canng starts, she is very upset and begs to stop at just 3 strokes, jumping off the table. She needs more time between strokes and collapses on the floor several times. It is a very entertaining caning. Although the strokes are not severe, she is finished at 13 strokes, and is quivering and crying.

Both bottoms are displayed over the table at the conclusion in the classic CalStar poster scene. They are sent to the matron for ointment.

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