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Against Regulations

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/31/09

A schoolmistress sits jn the little oak-paneled office space CalStar has used frequently. She is on the trail of several of her student girls who have gotten tattoos and piercings, against school regulations.

Morrison is the first girl called in, a small, legitimately demure schoolgirl type, with long auburn hair and sufficient innocence that maybe she hasn't been here before. She denies any piercings. Well, let's check. The headmistress inspects her tongue, feels her breasts, then her crotch, and detects something. Morrison must lift her skirt and pull down her panties. There is a piercing through her labia! "Dear God, what is that?"

Morrison must strip off her top--she is a delightful schoolgirl. OTK for the punishment, skirt bunched. Tattoo on her back. "Spread your legs a bit...disgusting" as the headmistress feels the ring. Morrison stands against the wall, rolls down the bunched skirt, and the headmistress completes the investigation. Another tattoo and a belly ring. Some denial!

Arms over head, very helpless. Here comes the paddle. "Oh no, Miss, please." Over the desk, legs open, the oval paddle does not work. "Something a bit stronger...this doesn't seem to be flinching you." The floppy strap instantly achieves sniffles and wonderful miserable facials.

"Oh no, Miss, not the cane." 20 strokes, sensual closeups, repeats. The closeups of her face and bottom can only be equalled. Midway through the strokes, the headmistress checks, legs open--"Coming along very nicely." When Morrison is finished, she hustles off, partly dressed. The headmistress smiles contentedly and comments to herself: "Ah, a good day's work."

"Morgan!" She is a Headgirl, a full-figured short-haired blonde, the headmistress's chief snitch and is in trouble for not divulging enough. From the look on her face, she seems to know where this conversation is leading. Without much delay, she is OTK, black school skirt up to display dark red knickers which are not regulation. Pants down, the handspanking is moderate. Morgan must strip also--more tattoos. The headmistress works her fingers carefully between her legs to make sure there is no jewelry she can't see.

Floppy paddle over the desk. The actress ad-libs in a whisper: "Go easy," which the headmistress broadcasts and then turns up the paddling juice a bit. "I think you're ready for the cane now." 15 strokes , repeats, delightful reflexive quivering. "You're shaking," says the satisfied headmistress.

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