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18 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/27/09

A solid-looking athletic tough-guy type, sitting with a bottle of booze, is waiting. His wife Michelle arrives. "Where the fuck have you been?" The opening salvo, and off we go! It's 2 AM, he's pissed, and she is going to be spanked. She is very excited, he pulls her pants down, she spreads her knees, but he can't make it happen.

So he is going to call a spanking agency, at 2:30 AM! Mr. Houston actually answers the phone, and while he too is a little perturbed at the hour, he is coming right over. The husband tells Michelle a guy is coming by to "teach you a lesson."

Houston arrives, a package of paddles and canes under his arm. Michelle, a tall, attractive, big-haired brunette, can certainly see what is coming. She is ordered to be silent and put her hands on her head. "So, you think you will enjoy this?" The spanking begins OTK on her black bikini panties. She moans--"You find this pleasurable?" She kneels on the couch, knees wide.

"Part of this is humiliation. Take your dress off." She is wearing lingerie-type underwear, her breasts bare at the top. Everyone is hitting the jackpot here at 3 AM, especially this stranger.

Touch-toes for spanking with a sole; pants down, more sole-spanking. When this segment is finished she pulls up her knickers and re-covers her breasts. But we continue--hands on head again, pull down the top again. Houston has her feel the leather of the strap with her fingers before she feels it on her bottom.

She kneels on the couch again, knees wide. She loves the strap. "Oh, sir" in a very seductive Irish accent. Panties down, all of Michelle on display, strap and sole. Finally, after a half-dozen with a crop. She is still gasping with pleasure. She is sent to bed. The canes weren't used tonight. What happens next?

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