The Agents of S.P.A.N.K Volume 1

length:60 min
released: 2002
Reviewed by John O'Connell, the webmaster.

The premise behind this video is an organization called S.P.A.N.K., which stands for Special Punishment Administration Network. Basically, these people are hired by individuals who would like a loved one punished for wrong doing. The video opens with our female agent logging into her computer to get her next assignment. She is shown a photo of 19 year old Shelly who is listed as "Defiant" and is in need of punishment. Her father has hired the services of SPANK to take care of her attitude problem. We then move to Shelly's house where she is seen trying on various outfits. Shelly is a cute medium build girl with short brown hair that has red highlights in it. The agent enters the house with a key that the father left for her and peers around the corner to examine her subject's activity. Shelly continues to try on various outfits, showing her black thong with the skull and cross bones on the front. The agent goes into the kitchen and lays out a wooden spoon on the counter and then returns to continue watching the target. After chatting on the phone for a little bit, Shelly strips naked and slips into a black nighty. She then gets into bed, and goes to sleep for the night. This is where the agent of SPANK springs into action. She sneaks into Shelly's room and grabs a hair brush. She then gently slides down the covers, slides the nighty up and gives her a whack on the bare bottom with the brush. This gets Shelly's attention. The agent is greeted with a "who the hell are you?", which is followed by an answer she couldn't believe. This lady is here by order of her father to punish her for being defiant. The agent has Shelly on her knees on the bed facing the head board. She whacks her several times with the hairbrush before Shelly realizes that this lady is serious and tries to sit down and tell her to go away, that she can't do this. Well, the only thing this accomplishes is to annoy the agent who then puts her back into position to continue the brush spanking. Shelly then figures, the hell with this, and tries to get away. The agent, with on swift motion, grabs Shelly by the hair pulls her back against the headboard for the remainder of this part of the punishment.

At one point, Shelly lets out a laugh, which I'm not sure if it was part of the script or not, but this really ticks off the agent. She grabs Shelly by the hair and drags her into the living room where she is literally thrown over the back of a couch. As the agent goes to get that wooden spoon we saw her laying out earlier, Shelly tries to escape again. I think not, she is grabbed and pinned down over the couch and whacked with the wooden spoon on her bare behind. Shelly still isn't learning her lesson, though . She continues to talk back to the agent, as well as not answer questions. Shelly is stood up and has the top part of her nighty pulled down, then puts her back over the couch for more spooning. After a minute or two, the rest of the nighty is removed and the spoon spanking continues. "Not to bright, are you Shelly" states the agent, as she continues to back talk and try and get up from the couch. At a few points, the agent actually holds her down to the cushions of the couch by her neck. Finally, she stands her up, but the punishment is far from over.

Shelly is now dragged by her hair to an exercise machine, where her hands are secured and she is in a standing, very slightly bent position. The agent grabs a weight belt and just hammers the daylights out of this girls ass. I can't recall ever seeing a weight belt used for punishment before, but this really gets some response out of Shelly. Now we hear some begging to stop. "Please stop, no more" squeals Shelly, but the agent could care less. Now Shelly's butt is turning a nice crimson and she is changing her tune. The agent continues with the weight belt for quite some time before she decides Shelly has in fact learned a lesson. She is then brought to the shower, where the agent rinses off her butt with cold water, with a few hand slaps thrown in for good measure. As swiftly as she arrived, the agent leaves with Shelly cowering in the tub. All in all, a good video. A bit of a different story line with good spanking action. Some of the lines in the video are just great. The quality of the video and audio is average, and the video features a few different camera angles. Running time is approximately one hour.

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