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This is a 2 part video. The first part shows a redhead and a brunette. From what I understand, these two are real life sisters. The scene opens up with the redhead in a dress that has a big opening down the middle that reveals her emerald green panties. This doesn't set well with big sis. She takes the redhead over her lap and delivers a hand spanking over the dress. She then spanks her over the panties, then over the bare bottom. Pretty average severity. Not real hard, but not overly light either. She then uses the hairbrush on her bare bottom. The brunette (Bobbi) lets up her sister and then is informed of how pissed Mom and Dad will be that she treated her in this mannor. Well, you guessed it, it's pay back time. Bobbi now has to have the favor returned by little sis. First, she goes over the knee and is spanked over the black stretch pants. Then down come the pants and the continues the hand spanking over Bobbi's white printed panties. Of course, they come down and the hand spanking is rounded off on the bare bottom. Again, not the hardest stuff I've ever seen, but not bad. The hairbrush is next and Bobbi is make to stand up and is then bent over for this portion of the program. Bobbi is a little bigger boned than her sister who is fairly skinny. Both girls are pretty decent looking. Part 2. This part is cool. It has 2 cute blondes who are not actresses. They are doing this for money to pay off some bills. They must spank eachother in contest form and the winner gets some extra cash. Each session is timed. The first to go is blonde wearing the black pants (her name escapes me at the moment). She is spanked my Maria over her pants. Then it's Maria's turn who gets spanked over her jean shorts. Back to the first blonde who gets a spanking on her light colored printed panties, then Maria who is wearing white panties. They then each spank eachother on the bare bottom. For people who have never done this before, they do a good job at spanking eachother. Maria is definatley a hard spanker. Anyway, they take a little break to take their pants and panties off from around their ankles and show you the damage done to the butts up to this point. Then, it's on to the 2nd half. The hairbrush is next, followed by the paddle. The first blonde actually has to have Maria stop for a minute as the pain is so intense. The last portion is a big heavy ruler. The girls are standing, bent over a bench for the paddle and heavy ruler. The video ends with them showing the winner of the contest. I really liked this video. The contest was really original with a nice "step up" concept, where they started on the pants and worked their way up. The video is an hour long.

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