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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and updating with new downloadable clips every week. According to the owner, the interviews site has been taken down and the clips will be loaded to the main site as it undergoes an overhaul. New interviews will still be done and added, but will now all be available from the main site. More to come on this in the near future.

Amateur Spankings has now grown into an internet superpower offering three sites worth of material for you to salivate over. The main site offers full length digital versions of their VHS tape collection. The second is full of 'online only' clips that treat the viewer to a new scenario every week that can only be seen online and are not part of any video tape production. And, the latest addition, is Spanking Interviews. When I think of Amateur Spankings, I not only think of hot looking 'girls next door', I think of the trend setting interviews that they do. Amateur Spankings' famous trademark of sitting the young lady down and having a chat about her, and her past experience with spankings, has the spanking world abuzz and clamoring for more. Now these famous interview sessions may be seen online. Some of the clips are from the tape collection, while others are exclusive to the online site. Amateur Spankings famous stars such as Emily and Renee may be found in all three sites, along with some new up and coming starlets. One thing that always impressed me about this company is their ability to find pretty young women that are willing to drop their pants for a spanking. The variety of delectable cuties is just astounding. These really are the 'girl next door' and not people that are into the scene or actresses. The sites themselves are simple to navigate, not requiring a map or guidebook just to find one selection. Once you enter the selection page, everything that's available is right there for you to see. Instead of a members area, each clip is viewed separately through and online account in which you must purchase minutes. I think everyone knows how I feel about streaming video, so to me this is a drawback. However, the folks at Amateur Spankings are listening, and within the next 30-60 days, the material at the clips site will be downloadable, making it possible for you to save the clips to your hard drive. Given the time consuming nature of setting up the site, the Interview site will remain streaming only for the time being, but they do promise at some point the clips will be savable. Even as streaming videos, the material Amateur Spankings is hard to resist. There is just something about seeing a girl that could very well be your neighbor, co-worker, or wife's best friend that just drives many of us wild. Talley Ho, Amateur Spankings. Good Show, Good Show!

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