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Amber is Whipped

11 minutes
GUEST REVIEW BY MARS posted 7/18/08

We are commenting on a series of short straight-ahead female whippings made by Nu West. They generally pack a wallop and are worth reporting on, although a bit off-formula. Amber is a tall, solid, muscular, imperial short-hairid blonde, dramatically beautiful, especially in the posture Ed Lee puts her. The storyline is not important--she has agreed to some sort of appearance or audition and at Lee's request calmly strips off her clothes, stands totally naked, legs apart, arms raised, "V" for victory, for a careful scan by the camera, front and back, up and down. Natural moderate breasts, a rock-solid bottom, and neck-breaking thighs. Lee is impressed and you will be short of breath.

Cut to a workshop scene, complete with storage racks and equipmnt, classic Lee simplicity, erotic in itself. Amber has been strung up in the middle of the room, arms pulled overhead and legs spread with the bar. She is wearing a short burlap-looking dress. "The day of your whipping has arrived, young lady." He cuts off the dress and panties with a knife--Lee likes to do this and it is always sexy--but Lee's salacious flair is even better. She is statuesque. The camera examines her carefully--some tattoos and a nifty mohawk.

After he does his typical brief walk-about and verbal torment of his naked subject, he takes up a bullwhip and proceeds to work on her back, bottom, and thighs. She is proud and defiant in the face of this cracking fearsome weapon, expertly handled by Lee. Cameras from overhead, the face, and the rear. It is a srt, action-packed episode. Lovely marks, especially on her pale un-sunburned bottom.

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