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Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume 10

Strictly English Productions
Starring Amelia Jane Rutherford
Written and Directed by Stephen English
Guest review by Joe Hellguy posted 2/18/11

Volume 10 of Strictly English's ongoing saga of Amelia Jane Rutherford finds our heroine being "Spanked All Day Long". AJR is staying with her Uncle James, who is sponsoring her studies at University. We begin with Amelia Jane entering the room, clad in pyjama bottoms and a black top, where her Uncle is attending to his paperwork. With little ado, he asks her what she was doing yesterday. AJR tells him that she was at a lecture on 'Deviance', rather as if she is aware of how this scene is to be resolved. Uncle James insists that he saw her in town, at 10.30, on a bike, with a number of companions. All were very scruffily dressed.

At first, AJR stoutly denies it was her. Uncle James insists that it was. Eventually, she puts on a show of suddenly remembering that she was undertaking a fashion project, as part of the other half of her degree. She is, apparently, studying sociology and fashion and Uncle James approves solely of the former. When he asks her why she lied about where she was, she says it was because of his disapproval of this fashion aspect. Uncle James is not convinced by this explanation and determines to 'get to the bottom' of the matter. This involves AJR taking down her pyjama bottoms. She pouts and says, rather ludicrously, "They don't come down. The cord broke."

Under threat of his lowering them himself, the pyjama bottoms come down. AJR places herself over Uncle James's lap before she reveals anything saucier than her bottom and the spanking commences. Uncle James wants to know what she was up to and who she was with. Amelia Jane maintains that she and her friends were undertaking a fashion project. She even manages to insult her Uncle's fashion sense, not a particularly sensible tactic in her current situation. As her bottom turns redder and hotter, she exclaims that this is "just like the Spanish Inquisition. "Oh, it's nowhere near as bad as that," he pronounces airily, "yet."

Amelia Jane says she is worried that Uncle James is making himself late for work. He tells her not to worry about that; it is his problem, not hers. As her problem is the spanking she is getting, she then desperately exclaims that she will be late for her lecture. "You should have got out of bed earlier, " he tells her. "I didn't know I was going to be spanked," she responds, archly.

Uncle James, though, does have to go to work. With a final flurry of hard smacks, accompanied by a promise to continue his investigation in the evening, he finally allows her to rise and tells her to go and get dressed. She is dismissed with the reminder, "I will see you this evening." "Oh, lovely."

The next scene begins with a fully-dressed Amelia Jane sitting on the sofa, reading her Rupert Annual. The doorbell rings and she jumps excitedly to answer it. She returns with evidently not the person she was expecting. He introduces himself as the Head Of Student Liaison at her College and says that, first, there is no major problem with her performance. He is, however, undertaking an audit on Performance, Attainment and Attendance. He has noticed that Amelia Jane has a pattern of missing certain lectures and that it is not just her, but a little group, who are all missing the same lectures.

Amelia Jane feigns ignorance. The man explains that his role includes a PR aspect with a couple of organisations whose presence in the town is of vital interest to the College. One is the Research Laboratory. "Oh, the place where they kill animals," Amelia Jane blurts out. A fence there was destroyed on Tuesday, he tells her. The local hunt was disturbed on the Saturday, reportedly by a group of about 6, scruffily dressed.

Amelia Jane is adamant this is nothing to do with her. He tells her that Uncle James has made him aware of the rather old-fashioned methods employed to keep her in line. Furthermore, Uncle James has given him carte blanche in determining the truth behind these allegations. By use of "any means necessary". In case Amelia Jane misunderstands this he adds:

"If I have to spank you, I will."

"You can't."

"I can and I will, if necessary."

He instructs her to place a straight-backed chair in front of the sofa. Aware of the implications, Amelia Jane asks bitterly, "Is everybody in the world allowed to spank me?" "No," he replies urbanely. "Just your Uncle and me. Come on."

He tells her that it is not his usual practice to spank the students. "Well, don't," Amelia Jane retorts. Ignoring that, he tells her that she can stop the spanking any time she wants by telling him "who you're running around with and what your point is."

The spanking commences, through Amelia Jane's skirt. After about a dozen hard spanks, he says, "Your Uncle will be back in about five hours, by my reckoning."

"What's that got to do with it?"

"It means we have a long time. A long time for you to tell me what's going on."

Lifting her skirt, he commences to spank vigorously on the seat of Amelia Jane's distinctive white pants. Amelia Jane protests that research into torture has shown that it does not work in making people tell the truth. "Shall we put that to the test?" he asks. "Conduct a little sociological experiment? I believe to the contrary. Physical persuasion works. Discuss." As Amelia Jane's pants leave much of her bottom bare, we watch the reddening become deeper and deeper. Amelia Jane protests that she has been doing nothing contrary to her Sociology studies. She has merely been taking her studies outside the confines of the lecture hall. He tells her that it is his job to see that they stay within the University Rules. Finding the sting rather too much, she says, "Okay, Okay." When he stops spanking her, however, she just tells him that she does not know who vandalised the fence.

"Really?" he asks unbelievingly and tells her to lower her pants. He takes her back over his knee and, between spanks, tells her that he knows of her involvement in the vandalism. He will not tell her how, but he does know. She, quite naturally, wants to know what the point of the spanking is, then. It is to make her tell the truth. At each point where Amelia Jane promises to tell the truth, but then demurs when the spanking stops, the punishment is escalated. Soon, he is removing his belt whilst telling her to kneel up on the chair. The scorn in her "Huh!" when he tells her, "I'm not here to take pleasure in this" is delightful. Trying to bargain the punishment down, she asks, "If I don't tell you the names, how long will this go on for?" "If you don't tell me the names?" he muses. "If you don't tell me the names, it will continue for the rest of the day."

Squirming from the belting, Amelia Jane takes on a mischievous look and says she will reveal a name. "It pains me to tell you this, but one of them is....Professor Tumbleton." For this insolence, the belt is laid on with renewed vigour.

With the belt failing to extract the confession, Amelia Jane is sent to fetch the cane. Naturally, her first inclination is to deny the existence of such an implement and, after being told that her Uncle has mentioned it, to deny knowledge of where it might be. Threatened with a phone call to Uncle, she leaves the room. On her return, she finds him on the phone. When the call is over, she asks if he has been talking to Uncle James and he confirms that he has. He takes the cane from her. "You're no stranger to this, are you?" Noting that she has changed into jeans and a different top, he enquires, "What's all this? Why have you changed?"

"Oh, Uncle always canes me over my jeans."

"I've just come off the phone, with him telling me exactly how he canes you...he says she bends over, bared, and touches her toes...telling me a blatant lie, again. We really haven't got very far, have we?"

"Okay," she says, "I don't wear jeans, but I do wear my pants."

He sighs and orders her to stand and face the books. Amelia Jane stands in front of the bookshelf. At his order, although not without protest (Amelia Jane never complies without protest), she lowers her jeans, revealing a pair of large black pants. He gives a good hearty smack to her right check, but all does not sound, nor feel, correct. He smacks again and tells her to take them down. Beneath are revealed her white pants, with two further pairs visibly beneath those. This provides an excellent excuse for some stand-up spanking to Amelia Jane's magnificent bottom between the further lowering of each pair.

Again, he asks her if she will tell him who they are and what they are doing. "Okay," she agrees, looking a little shamefaced. "I can tell you one name. He's a very fine sociologist. His name is Mickey."

"Mickey. Mickey...?"


He tells her to touch her toes, a position he speculates that she is familiar with. "A few basic rules. If you get up, I start again. There are five of you in the group. I know there are five in the group. You're going to tell me who they are. You're one of start."

"I don't understand."

"I know you're one of the group members, so this one is for you."

Does the punishment work? Does Amelia Jane eventually name names? When Uncle James returns in the evening to find Amelia Jane lying on the sofa in a pretty white dress, squirming a little uncomfortably, does he punish her again for lying to her? The best way to find out is to obtain the DVD, even by purchase, if necessary. The total running time, including a selection of outtakes, of 1 hour 20 minutes does not show Amelia Jane's lovely bottom being spanked all the time, of course. There are other delights, in between. These include, a little slapping to the backs of her thighs; her trademark clutching of her left buttock with her right hand; and a variety of facial expressions, including defiance, scorn, submission and not forgetting wit and humour:

"Uncle James, did you spank my sister when she stayed with you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Good." (impish grin).

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