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An American Brat in London

Written and directed by Stephen English
Starring Niki Flynn
Second Guest Review by Ludwig ( posted 2/27/09

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
American girl gets dose of English domestic discipline

Victim Appeal:
The title character is portrayed by the famous and gifted Niki Flynn, so entertainment value is guaranteed. She looks great here, with dark and shoulder-long hair, and while the role isn't all that demanding, she is at her bratty best acting-wise. Niki plays a young lady from the US who is visiting an English relative in London and wreaks havoc in his household. Needless to say, many stern lectures and spankings ensue.

In the part of Niki's English guardian, we are treated to the bearded, dry-witted gentleman familiar from other Strictly English productions like "Amelia-Jane Rutherford Vol. 1" (guaranteeing even more entertainment value). The constant banter between the two is a joy to watch and the main strength of the movie. I love how he insists on calling her "Nicola" - there is a wonderful posh sound to it, and among the potential full names for "Niki", it is one of my favourites, too.

Gratuitous Sadism:
The video jumps right in medias res without any delay. When the first scene opens, Niki has already been staying with her host for some time. He is getting tired of her watching TV at a thunderous volume, drinking alcohol without permission, not washing up and leaving the place in a mess. Since asking nicely doesn't work with her, he decides that good old-fashioned discipline is a more promising course of action: "It's time your bottom learned what a naughty girl's bottom feels like..." A protesting and disbelieving Niki goes over his knee for a three-and-a-half-minute hand spanking, first over her skirt, then on the panties, then on the bare.

Despite her assurance that her behaviour is going to improve, it doesn't seem to have had much of an effect. After staying out late, Niki lies in bed all morning and misses breakfast time by several hours. Another over-the-knee spanking follows, and again it progresses from clothed (jeans this time) to on the bare. In addition to the hand, a slipper and a hairbrush are used. Niki has had enough after the third implement and tries to run away, but her guardian grabs her and proceeds to whack her bottom with a wooden spoon (in the standing up position) until she agrees to go over his knee again. It's back to hand spanking for the rest of the punishment, with small doses of the hairbrush in between when she is particularly cheeky.

Later the same day, Niki leaves her clothes scattered all over the bathroom. She is spanked again (on the panties, then on the bare) and her host informs her that, this time, she will also get the cane (he seems to be an advocate of the "three strikes policy"). Niki is sent to fetch the instrument and, in a magnificent act of defiance, breaks it in two in front of his very eyes. Unfortunately for her, he has another, thicker and heavier cane - and by now, he is really determined to teach her some manners! After much back and forth (during which she makes a phone call to her parents, but receives no sympathy), Niki submits to a proper English caning.

Fully nude, she takes 12 strokes for the mess in the bathroom while touching her toes, and because she moved around too much, she receives another 12 bent over the back of a chair. To complete her comeuppance, Niki then gets six extra strokes, and harder ones, for breaking the other cane - new position, bent over, elbows on a sideboard. She is made to say "I'm sorry I broke your cane, Ernest!" after each one (in case you were wondering about the gentleman's name, as I was). Afterwards, while she stands in the corner and rubs her bottom, it looks as if she is sorry indeed - the English method has finally made a lasting impression on the "American brat".

As always with Strictly English videos, the focus here is on the personal chemistry and the banter, not on the severity. The various hand, slipper, hairbrush and spoon spankings are moderate. The caning is fairly good - 30 strokes in total, not overly vicious, but hard enough to leave some light marks (which, as I can attest from personal experience, isn't all that easy on Niki Flynn's frequently chastised bottom).

Best Reactions:

Obviously, I liked the reactions during the caning best - always my favourite instrument. They are nicely filmed, too, including a couple of facial reaction shots. Lovely wincing and writhing.

Best Line:

There are many good lines, including one right at the beginning when Niki sits in front of the TV and listens to some loud (and rather awful) techno music. Her host storms in and turns it off. She protests: "Hey, I was watching that!" "Watching it?" he replies. "I think half the street was listening to it!" The little exchange instantly sets the tone for the rest of the film.

However, I liked the following piece of dialogue best. During the second spanking, when Ernest informs her that she will get the hairbrush, Niki sarcastically comments: "No wonder the Empire fell!" He retorts with: "No wonder the Empire was so successful!" As a historian who often deals with the rise and fall of empires, and with the questions of why and how, I found that entertaining. What do you think, which one of them has the better point?

Nice Psychological Touch:

The final punishment scene comes with a nice, highly effective buildup. When Niki breaks the first cane and Ernest lets her know that he has another one, and that she is really in trouble now, she demands to make a call to her parents: "I'll tell them how you're treating me!" Ernest jovially tells her to go right ahead while he leaves for a moment to "fetch the stick". He comes back and finds a very meek, silent girl standing next to the telephone. "Nicola, I see you have spoken to your parents!" he smiles triumphantly. "And they told you no doubt what they told me in this email..." Showing her a printout, he reveals that Niki's parents sent her to England so that Ernest would make a well-behaved young lady out of their bratty daughter, and that they are, in fact, delighted about the proper discipline she is receiving now.

Still refusing to accept defeat, Niki tears the mail to shreds: "I would rather starve and live in the street than submit to this barbaric treatment any longer!" Ernest replies that she might find that rather awkward, since he has confiscated all her clothes and possessions. Noticing that she is wearing one of his shirts at the moment, he orders her to take it off as well. He leaves Niki alone and locked up in the room with nothing but her panties: "I will see you later, and we will continue the discussion! In the meantime, just think about your situation."

The confrontation is followed by a prolonged scene of Niki waiting - sitting on the floor half-naked and nervously thinking to herself, searching the cupboards for something she can use to escape (or perhaps just something to eat), trying to open the door, then sitting down again and simply waiting, resigned to her fate. The montage of shots, and the brief fadeouts in between, imply that it lasts for hours. When Ernest finally returns (the other, heavier cane in hand), his American guest, now much more quiet and compliant, submits to her punishment like a good girl.

How Good Is It Really?

This is one of the lesser Niki Flynn movies in terms of story and scale of the production. It's a straightforward, one-on-one domestic discipline setting, and certainly not the first time we have seen the "American brat discovers how we Brits do things over here!" scenario. The technical craftsmanship is decent and the CP action is good, but not great.

On the plus side, the chemistry of the two players is palpable and they imbue the proceedings with a lot of life. It's always gratifying to review a spanking film with witty dialogue and a cast that can actually act. Both Niki and the top do a fine job here. I also liked the use of dramatic pauses and progression. The buildup to the caning scene is exemplary. Aspiring CP porn producers should study it for inspiration - this is how you do it. In summary, an above average video and well worth watching.

What You Learned:
Why the British Empire fell. Or why it was so successful. Depending on your point of view.

An American Brat in London

Written and directed by Stephen English
Starring Niki Flynn
Orininal Guest Review by Brooke 10/13/06

Our poor little American Brat, Niki, or Nicola as her English guardian insists on calling her, because "It is her name", has found herself in quite a predicament. She has been sent across the pond at her parents request to stay with a relative so she can be taught to be a proper girl. She finds this out after she threatens to call home to get out of a spanking, but I digress. Poor Niki, or Nicola rather, just cannot seem to follow the rules of the house she is a guest in. She is given her first spanking (yes, there are many of them) after being caught watching TV too loudly (apparently the entire street could hear it) and drinking alcohol. Her guardian advises her that he will teach her what English discipline is all about. She is pulled across her guardian's knee after much protesting and what little protection the cute skirt she is wearing provided, is soon gone as the skirt is lifted, revealing a lovely pair of black knickers (that's English for panties for those wondering). She remains defiant through most of the spanking and refuses to reply with a "Yes Sir" as her guardian has required. He persuades her to refer to him as Sir by gently discussing with her the importance of being respectful. Wrong. I was just seeing if you are still reading. He proceeds to spank the daylights out of her until she finally resists and gives him the answer he has been waiting for. He warns her that her behavior must improve or she will receive something much more severe. He leaves her alone to reflect on her spanking and he must be one of those few adults without eyes in the back of his head because he did not see the brat stick out her tongue at him as he walked out of the room. Probably a good thing for Niki that he did not.

The next morning, after lying in bed, Niki has missed breakfast by two hours because she had been out all night and was tired. She demands her guardian fix her something. Guess she didn't know roasted rump was a popular breakfast in England. Niki fights and protests the spanking and is told to pull down her jeans for a bare bottom spanking. After defiantly saying no, she is told to either submit to a bare bottom spanking or she is not going out that night. She reluctantly complies and places herself back over her guardian's knee. Since she is not taking her punishment like she should she is told to stand up for a moment while the slipper is fetched. Once she is back over his knee she comments on how barbaric this is and this must be how the empire fell (funny, spanking wasn't mentioned in my history books). She repeatedly refuses to answer his questions (our Niki just doesn't learn) and quickly finds the hairbrush smacking her bare bottom. To this Niki jumps off his lap and tries to escape. She is grabbed by her guardian who proceeds to wallop her bottom with a wooden spoon until she agrees to remove her jeans and panties and return back across his knee. She continues to be cheeky, even after many warnings, and receives more of the dreaded hairbrush. Her guardian tells her she must take the rest of her spanking without wriggling or complaining and she must be compliant or she is not going out tonight. She finally agrees to do so and her spanking ends after she is told that if her bad behavior continues she will get the cane. She is then sent to the corner for five minutes to think about her naughtiness (I don't think that's nearly long enough since she has a lot of naughtiness to think about, but no one asked me).

Ernest, (we later find out that is his name by the most of unconventional methods) finds that little miss Niki has left the bathroom in disarray, much to his dismay. He confronts her about the mess and she is once again told she is not going out tonight unless the bathroom is cleaned. After politely agreeing to do his "fucking housework", she is once again back over his knee for yet another spanking. She clearly has not learned with just a hand spanking and she is sent to fetch the cane. She returns with the cane and slams the door shut behind her. With defiance she stands in front of him holding the cane in both her hands. She proceeds to do something most unbelievable, she snaps the cane in two, right before his eyes. Big mistake. Huge. She is now in serious trouble and finds out that he has a thicker, heavier cane which will now be used on her bare bottom. This is where she says she wants to call her parents. To which he replies that he thinks it is a very good idea to call them while he fetches "the stick". Our dejected Niki finds out that her parents have encouraged Ernest to teach her proper discipline and that her mother feels she should stay as long as it takes for her to get a proper decorum. Her clothes have been taken away, her mobile phone confiscated, and a parental lock put on the TV until she learns to behave. He also notices that she has on his shirt and he demands that she take it off. She throws the shirt at him and attempts to cover herself as she stands near naked before him. He leaves her alone in the room to ponder the situation she has gotten herself into.

After much reflection we have a much more compliant Niki as it is now time for her caning. She is told to move the chair out of the way and to neatly fold her panties and place them on the chair. She obeys the orders and stands before him as he tells her she will receive twelve strokes with the cane while touching her toes. She must maintain the position as well as count each stroke. Niki takes the twelve strokes, but not to the satisfaction of her guardian. He informs her that she will take the twelve again, but this time she will be bent over the chair and her hands must not move from the arms. She counts six strokes with the cane and also manages to say "thank you Sir" after each one. She is then allowed to rub her bottom and is informed that she will now receive "six of the best", hard and fast. She needn't count these, but her hands must not move off the chair. After the six have been properly applied she is allowed to rub her bottom. But wait, there is more. She is then told she will be punished for damaging his cane. She will receive six more strokes. This time bent over the side-board. She must say after each stroke "I'm sorry I broke your cane, Ernest" (a bit unconventional, but now we know his name). After the final six strokes she is made to hold the cane while standing in the corner thinking about her attitude. We get to watch her stand in the corner pouting, wincing, and rubbing her very sore bottom while holding the implement that she has now become well acquainted with.

This is a great video for those who love lots of spanking and caning. Niki plays the most believable brat and it would be hard to resist spanking her, even if she was well-behaved. I have a feeling that many Englishmen would love to be able to spank American brats and it occurred to me that this might be a way to boost tourism to the UK. The tourism board could offer canings and spankings while staying in London and I am sure Virgin Airways could come up with some sort of catchy ad campaign about flying their airline and American girls with stripes on their bottoms. You never forget your first, um, caning that is.

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