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American Girl, English Cane

A Strictly English Production
Starring: Charlotte Villette as Gail
Henry J. Beardsley as Professor Ernest Templeton
59 Minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 4/8/11

A variation on the schoolgirl theme, erotic and entertaining. We're grateful for variation and so dwelled on this one at length. Actress called "Gail" plays a mature, plausible late twenty-something American post grad student/instructor in a British school. Gail has jet black hair and burning blue eyes; her riveting face is used on the cover art, taken from the scene where her antagonist explains he is about to try ou the "American paddle" on her.

Gail is called to meet with a male professor--graying hair, beard and wire-rim glasses, a middle-aged gentleman with acadmeic trappings. Gail wears a conservative silk dress, strapped high heels, and, well, we'll have a chance to comment on her underwear in due course. Her conventional working-day attire elevates the erotic suspense, making it appear she has just been called out of class for her spanking.

Gail has fouled up somehow and earns a spanking in the British tradition, something she seems familiar with. The professor positions her OTK in one of the guest chairs in his office. Gail straightens her legs and poses her bottom high--quite aware of the need for such posture for an efficient spanking.

Back OTK, more handspanking; at the 19 minute mark the professor tenderly eases her knickers down, an act not apparently unfamiliar to either of them. Sharp hairbrush shots--she squirms her soaring, hard buttocks. This actress's labia are puffing up as she becomes increasingly aroused during the film. More long handspanking.

At the conclusion of this segment, she stands and faces the professor. She is shaved bald-naked and is quite un-self conscious, confirming this little escapade with the professor is not infrequent. He has seen it and she has flashed it.

Over the back of a chair, a few swats with the brush bristles. More handspanks, her ladyhood even more inflamed. Corner time again, the camera pans her nudity front and back. The professor returns with a collection of paddles and canes.A delicious "oooh" when she sees them.

"Hold out your hand." "...What?..." He picks up a narrow fraternity-length American paddle for one smack. "You know I hate that." She removes her lovely panties from her thigh-tops. Over the chair, legs open, vagina totally exposed, for a large leather strap. He notes: "It's not having any effect, just like the last time," and makes her step away to get the lochgelly tawse. She returns to the right pose. "Good, you're in position." Gail acknowledges: "I've been here enough times."

Six hard cracks with his tawse. Gail jumps up after each; and on one, "you've got my pussy, my cunt...," Yes, because it was easy to do. Bend-over for a closeup exam for the "American paddle."

She begs when she see it. "Remove the bra." Very sweet package, this graduate student. Paddled over the chair, in fast sets, about 25 times, they sting, but "there are no stripes on your bottom." Naked, she "fetches" the cane and must kiss it. The camera caresses her nudity as we prepare. The professor teases her with the wooshes. Touch-toes, palms on the floor actually, she counts out 12 cane strokes, then back over the chair for more, very sexy, this is more than punishment. Gail earns about 12 more, having gotten "distracted" under the pressure in her count. The cute banter mixed among the strokes.

His last examination of her bottom--he's definitely one of those British gents needing to be watched. She will have to remain naked in the corner. She rubs and pulls her cheeks apart.

One of the most sensual films from Strictly English we can recall. A keeper for the next rainy day.

The professor spanks slowly and hard. He pulls her dress up to meek protests to uncover black semi-transparent flower-embroidered lace panties, not a variety you'd find at 3 for $4.99. The professor, the camera, and we ourselves are fascinated.

Excellent closeups, sharp audio, real, sensible acting from a professor who has more than a casual interest in female anatomy and from a student who knows just how much to resist his intentions. He shows her his hairbrush, long-handled with a small round head. "Please, not that, it hurts."

He teases and fondles, explaining she is going to be spanked for the next six hours. Twelve more solid hand smacks on the decorous knickers. She is allowed to stand for a moment and rub. "If you think that is a sore bottom, you have a lot to learn about English discipline."

OTK again, "legs apart," 24 zingers with the hairbrush, fast. Gail has no easy time staying still, because it stings. She is left to face the wall, dress up, panties still intact, to think awhile. When the professor returns, Gail has relaxed in the long interval. "If you can't keep that dress where you're supposed to have it, you better take it off." After just a second of hesitance, she pulls the dress over her head to expose a black bra, and a black garter belt holding net stockings, framing the aforementioned knickers.

Original Review by: Dorothy Parker-Posey

This is one of the best corporal punishment videos that I've seen all year. My goodness is this hot! If this video fails to turn you on, it is essential that you follow these instructions:

Reach down into your pants and make sure that your genitals are still there. ( You can never be too sure)

Check you pulse. If you are not aroused by this video it is quite possible that you are dead. Being dead is a very serious medical condition and you should contact your physician immediately.

On one level ' American Girl, English Cane' is an erotic tale of the chastisement of a young American undergraduate student by her mentor, advisor, and possibly, her lover. On the other hand, this production is one of the best examples of the training of a submissive that I've ever seen affixed to magnetic tape. In this video, during her punishments, Miss Villette is made to assume positions that leave her completely exposed. This is the purest form of submission. Oh, you doubt me? Let me refer you to Dr. Jane Goodall. . I hear Dr. Goodall is really quite kinky.

As our story begins, Gail has been summoned to Dr. Templelton's office to receive a punishment for some unidentified offense. Gail is so lovely to behold. She is nice and round in all of the places that a woman should be nice and round in. Ernest is really my kind of man. Late middle aged, distinguished, highly educated and firmly in command. Ernest could spank me anytime. We soon learn that Gail has been over Ernest's knee before. In many ways this is a clash of cultures. Gail, being the sassy little America girl that she is, feels free to express herself; even when doing so is completely inappropriate. In many ways this culture clash can be seen in metaphorical terms. Being English, in the way Ernest is English, (as opposed to being English in the way Johnny Lydon is English) can be seen as being in control and civilized. Gail's Americaness gives her an aire of entitlement. Like her country (I work for the US Government by the way) Gail is young, brash and in need of limit setting.

As the punishment session is about to start, Dr. Templeton asks Gail if she knows why she is to be punished? She attempts to talk her way out of it, but Ernest will hear none of this. The lovely young American (all apologies to David Bowie) is made to take her place across the professor's lap for the day's lesson. Gail is wearing a lovely dress as her chastisement begins. After she has gotten into place over her mentor's lap, she is made to straighten and spread her legs. The erst while educator gives young Gail several hard slaps to her lovely round bottom, covered only by her dress and panties. Each time Earnest would strike Gail's bottom, it would jump and wobble in the most alluring of ways. Soon Gail's punishment continued upon her naked round bottom. There she was, legs spread, her pussy and anus on display for her punisher and for us. It is very hard to write this review. Just thinking about the way Gail bottom moved to the beat of the professor's hand turns me on so. I can hardly keep from touching myself. Well, ok, I am touching myself, but I type rather well with one hand.

After her over the knee spanking was over, Gail was given corner time to contemplate the error of her ways.

Soon, Ernest returns with several implements that are to be used on Gail's bottom. He has in his possession a light leather paddle, tawse, wooden paddle and the cane. Gail is made to remove her dress and knickers. She is made to bend over the back of a well-stuffed chair so that her bottom was thrust upward into the air. Gail was then required to spread her legs. In this position, Gail was completely exposed. Her shaved pussy and anus were on display for her dominant mentor. This is the ultimate in submissive positions. The presentation of one's backside, genitals and anus to a dominant is a sign of complete submission.

My favorite scene in the film occurred as Ernest was giving his naughty American charge a taste of the Scottish Tawse. After the first lash, Gail shouted out in pain and she nearly jumped over the chair. Somehow our lovely heroine held her place. After the second lash Gail got up and shouted " Oh my God... you hit my pussy!" as tears formed in her eyes. Ernest nonchalantly instructed Gail to resume her position over the chair. Gail replied in a whisper " But you hit my cunt." Ernest, in a much more strident tone instructed Gail to get back over the chair. He added, " You know I don't like that kind of language!". As Gail returned to her potion over the chair one could see that her labia were clearly red and welted. I swear that I almost came from just watching that scene. Gail's punishment was concluded with a dose of the English cane. Take it from me, nothing hurts as much as a cane. Soon, the exposed American Undergraduate student with the most luscious round, and now, very red bottom was crying and pleading for forgiveness.

This is a very special film from the studios of Strictly English Productions. The cast was attractive and had the kind of chemistry that one rarely sees captured on film or videotape. (Living Doll is another such example). As always, the production values are of the highest caliber and the story line was engaging.

Just one problem, I was so turned on by this film that I wore out my twelve speed, atomic powered vibrator. I didn't know that was possible! Message to Steven English: Where can I send the bill for the repair? I mean a girl just can't be expected to do without her vibrator.


A couples Review
by: patty and Fred

We don't agree completely on this one. Fred loved it, and gives it an 8 out of 10. I thought it was OK, and give it a 6. I know Mr. Pearson likes it too, so J maybe this'll be our last review for ya'll.

Since primacy has a stronger impact on your perception, I'll let Fred go first with his review, even if he did get to go first when we did the last one. That's OK we do the next one together....

Fred's take:

This film was a gem. A naughty student with an attitude spends some time in the professor's office getting her attitude adjusted. Suspect there's more than a few professors who wouldn't mind going a round or two with a saucy student like this one. She fills out her lacy black panties just right.

The verbal dressing down dispensed by the professor is as satisfactory as the physical one is. Nice lacy black panties, on a plump little butt that is as white as I have ever seen. Looks like the only thing that's ever tanned that creamy backside is a hand or a paddle, and in this tape a sturdy rattan cane. The professor keeps a good running lecture going through out the whole discipline session. Best part about it is it has a real ring to it. The lecture part is not over done, and not over acted.

The naughty student's lily-white backside gets a good sound spanking, and the color it takes on is appealing. This professor knows how to progress at just the right pace from skirt, to panties - a good long stretch here, since the view and contrast is exceptional - to bare; from hand, to strap, to paddle and then cane, with a few good whacks from a wood bath brush thrown in. There's a good long stretch of humbling corner time that is properly abbreviated on the tape. Seems the young lady does not use her time for proper reflection, and earns a re-introduction to an old friend the school paddle, and a new friend the cane.

All in all, I give the tape enthusiastic thumbs up all around. It has: good sound spanking action; a naughty brat with a very spankable backside (plump and healthy, with just the right amount of bounce and give); half decent acting and dialogue that does not get in the way of the action; and good variety of technique.

Patty's take:

You guys and your visual orientation to things! LOLOLOLOL! Sometimes I can't help but smile. The model sure does have an unusually white bottom. The black see through lace panties and the striking red color she gets after hardly any spanking at all, come together to create a package that will stimulate every visual male spanker's hot buttons perfectly. Madison Avenue couldn't do a better job for you! J

The professor's dialogue is good, and he carries it off it well, but the girl's isn't so well done, and I found it distracting that his acting was so much better than hers. OK well, that's just me. You spankers like your contrast between spanked and un-spanked bottom, and I like balance in all things. If I can't have balance, then I'll take a trade off. For me that trade off would have been a very sound spanking, and while this video has good spanking action in it, it ranks in the moderate category for severity and I'm spoiled now for hard to the low end of severe on that scale. If the scale of spanking severity were 0 for barely pink and no real sting, to 10 for brutal bruising and raw or broken skin, this one gets a 6 to a 6. The caning left her with a few marks, and I bet it hurt like the dickens, but I've gotten and seen much worse. It's believable as a first taste of the cane though, that I will concede.

The two best things about the video were: 1. Fred really liked it, and it made him nice and frisky while and after we watched it; and 2. There's a spot in the middle of the spankings where she's getting strapped with a tawse and one of the tails strays...the professor had a good swing behind the lick too. Well, she pops up, completely looses her character... and exclaims "You got my pussy!" It takes her a minute or so to recover, and it almost looks like she's going to giggle. I did! I couldn't help it! Of course you know Fred had to stop the tape, rewind and play the next part of the tape over several times. And yes, you can see the welt made by the tawse tail very clearly outlined on the right lip of the model's vulva. Owie ow! Ow! I bet that hurt! OK so I'm odd. I still think that was funny, and it reminded me that there's a real girl with a real bare bottom actually taking a real spanking on that tape for me to watch. The things that I thought were disappointing were: 1. When she sassed him and he resorted to the brush, he should have given her more than a smack or two; and 2. Her acting was not as good as his, and there were a few times where it was noticeable enough to detract from the sternness value of his lecture. Since a stern demeanor in a spanker does it for me, anything that detracts from that is a minus. This was after all supposed to be a 'real' discipline session. You need a stern lecture in a good discipline session. J.

As I said up top, I gave this one a 6, ok maybe a 7. Fred gives it an 8 to 8. It's definitely more of a spanker's tape I think. We spankees tend to be harder to please I guess.

Thanks again for letting us contribute Mr. Pearson.

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