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A Month in the Country

time: 1+ hour
year: 2000
Guest Review by Mars 4/3/09

A couple bicker on their palatial estate veranda, a familiar Red Stripe setting. The wife is wearing naughty shorts, which cover only half her bottom cheeks. Not going anywhere like this except over the nearest knee.

The arrival of niece Jane is announced. She is a cunnng little blonde, dressed almost as a juvenile--ponytail, a micro-mini plaid school skirt, blouse, and knee socks. A picture postcard for "spankable." Uncle Frank, played by Red Stripe founder Ivor Gold, gives her an immediate lecture on behavior. She has visited before and knows what's in store.

Three minutes into her country visit she is in trouble, chasing domestic geese and flashing panties around the grounds, so Uncle bends her over the picnic table and begins a handspanking. She puts up a sweet little fuss. She is sent to her room where she undresses and puts on a naughty party outfit, then drives off in a sports car without permission because Aunt Lee left the keys in it.

Now Uncle can spank that bottom his wife flashes for allowing this transgression. Over the picnic table--shorts down, panties down. She is accustomed to this. When you are lord of this kind of estate you can spank any bottom you choose. She is sent inside. "You know what is going to happen now, don't you?" She returns in a sundress, back over the table, then flat on the chaise, bottom elevated. Handspanking and a strap. These spankings are neither inventive nor exciting, but we do enjoy Uncle's absolute uninhibited freedom. A pug dog wanders the set and smells the strap. "24 more" with the strap, then five minutes to contemplate. Airplane noises drown out the dialogue, so we are not too far out in the country. All the action is on the sunny spacious veranda.

Obnoxious uncle moves to the cane--first, 12 whippy experienced, precise strokes on the bare, then 12 more to be counted aloud, nasty white marks, but the wife can't abide it, so she gets 17 instead for failing. The dog and housebirds set off a huge ruckus about something. Censors at the door?

Jane and friend Georgie return tipsy from their escapade. Aunt Lee shows them her caned bottom. This is what will happen. They are sent to bed, giddy, amused, and not all that impressed. "I'm going to deal with you in the morning." Next morning, Jane is in full schoolgirl attire for some reason, tie and all; Georgie still in a very short party dress she had on last night. Uncle Frank spanks Georgie first, a straightforward, mild but embarrassing OTK on the picnic bench. "You can't do this." She doesn't know the prerogatives here at the manor.

Niece Jane now gets the full measure and takes this performance to the next level. "No. Wait till I tell my Dad." Face down, pants down on the lounger for a hard strapping from Uncle. "You'll learn crime doesn't pay." She must wait bare for the "next stage" while he finishes his tea, always a nice hiatus--a pinked bottom cooling and quivering in anticipation.

"Fetch the cane on the chair." Over the picnic table again. "I don't want the cane." Pants down, 20 moderate and fast strokes. "I want to go home to Momma." The cameraman lies on the veranda floor and shoots up her legs. Jane protests and jumps up, earning another 30 strokes. She rubs and protests anew. "Please, no more." Another dog meanders on-camera. At 30, Jane is still fussing and accruing add-on strokes, so Uncle rips off another 15 or so, too rapid to count. A thorough caning, sweet facial shots of a distressed Jane. It just would not seem such a good idea to come to the country again for a month next year.

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