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More of Amy's Aunties

Nu West NWV-303
31 minutes

Nu West's stuff just seems old; but do we agee? The subject is timeless. Four women, cast as her aunts, give Amy jolly OTK spankings. Amy is an attractive, pixie-haired teen-ager like little lady, who's been naughty with boys, booze, out at night, disrespectful, etc. Her poor mother's at wit's end, so this family's artillery is in the form of spanking aunts, four of them. As we always say---"works for us."

The first aunt is a big blonde, is this Vanna? She bawls out Amy, who's a little sassy (but not for long). Amy is wearing a simple dress and heels with straps. Nu West usually features realistic everyday clothes, which enhance the fantasy, especially when there is hesitant undressing. Amy knows what her aunt is here for, and soon she's OTK, wiggling her bottom into position with experience to both keep her balance and provide us with the scenic overlook we've come for. The spanking is brief and crisp, first on the skirt, then up comes the skirt and the aunt peels down transparent pantyhose. As prim as Amy has presented herself, you have to ask why she didn't wear panties today.

We will watch each aunt's spanking of Amy four times---right oblique, stage center, closeup on the target, and left oblique, concluded by a delicious bare-bottomed hobble to stand in the corner. There is an occasional flash of soft fuzz. Amy's a cute lady, top to bottom.

The second aunt, conservative of appearance, with a promisingly severe countenace, delivers about 70 handspanks in the same sequence, not as hard as aunt #1, but Amy is brightening.

Aunt #3, a buxom blonde, gives Amy about 90 hard spanks, in a rapid-fire, impressive, enthusiastic style, and she elicits the first tears.

And the fourth auntie, another glamorous blonde, lays on a fast 100 strokes of her own. Amy is thoroughly rosy by now. She gets a big pants-down hug at the conclusion. All in all, about 6 minutes of actual spanking, about 300 strokes, a lot of fun, and recommended for (1) a training film, and (2) all young ladies.

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