An Afternoon's Entertainment
Time: 50 minutes
Guest Reviews by MARS posted 1/23/09

Very early George Harrison Marks, in his familiar nightclub. Maybe this is too much said for a historical trifle, but enjoy the fascination with the bare female bottom. All the Kane male spankers are on hand, in a confusing melee on stage, not worth trying to sort out. GHM is auditioning girls by spanking them, a generally terrific idea in any workplace. Scenes follow.

Two tall brunettes are first and are surprised that the "CP" references in the script mean "You've got to have your bare bottom spanked." Both girls keep their backs to us--one never shows her face. She probably assumes that no one at her acting/models agency will recognize her bare bottom. A guy calling himself Mal Travers calls on Sir Larry Greythorpe and the two girls are mildly spanked, slippered, and get some martinet. One girl does strip completely,while the second girl remans hidden. The girls pass the test and are hired.

The second set of girls--two rumpled blondes in boaters, trying to look like students. The girls seem to have been sent over from Scotland to audition for what they thought was "The Sound of Music"; Travers is happy to tell them the show is more like "The Sound of Smacking." Such high comedy is sprinkled throughout the video and met with guffaws from the spectators in the dark recesses around the set, who are there to see the pants come down. Both girls are spanked, more or less, and one undresses without hesitation. Their "mother" storms in (she is bigger than both of them). She joins in spanking them, along with Mal and Sir Larry. The men decide to spank the mother, a rather grotesque sight, but in keeping with the Kane tradition in this era, where any bottom is fair game.

The next event involves Sir Larry doing a Houdini and escaping from a straightjacket on stage. He gets to spank his curvy assistant if he can do it. "If I escape, you stand still for it." Do you need to be told, she is soon OTK, a tall dark brunette, for handspanking and the martinet. Prettiest lady so far, and she is a naughty good sport to offer up her bottom this afternoon--she gets sixty handspanks, counted down, for the full minute of the straightjacket struggle. She takes some tawse and martinet on a chaair. There is a lot of bawdy banter, difficult to hear, with roars of laughter from the audience.

Another stage scene--a silly male actor playing a butler conjures a reason to spank Pansy, his maid associate. He practices on an older woman, who pees her pants on-stage, to predictable lusty guffaws from the crowd in the darkness. Pansy is a little blonde. She is brought forward and spanked OTK on black lace panties.

Another Kane regular drags a glamorous brunette onstage; down with the pants, some hard martinet across a nifty tight bottom nominally covered by the triangle of a bikini. Top off, bend over a table for a studded paddle, then kneel on the table--always a neat posture when the bra is on the floor. A cane appears for the first time--she counts out 13 firm moderate strokes, and closes with another kind of martinet.

A female police officer enters. "What the hell is going on here?" After all, what she sees is a naked girl kneeling on a table. It is explained to her that girls' bottoms get caned in this club, and immediately, she accepts a monetary offer to take off her uniform for her own dose of handspanking and martinet. Sexy uniform play, but nervous-making how easily the police can be bribed.

And last, Sir Larry spanks a brunette who doesn't show her face, but does display other things, pretty nmuch everything else. At the conclusion, the cast does a curtain call.


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