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An Appointment for Laura Jenkins

Time: 44 minutes
Review by MARS posted 12/31/10

Some CP regulars in solid action--a hard spanker and a courageous submissive. Miss Gillian Lancer (a/k/a Miss Hastings) plays Punishment Officer Helen Croft and Dublin O'Brien is student Laura Jenkins. Officer Croft, wearing a domme-inspired police uniform, catches Jenkins with her hands in her pants while she waits in the punishment room.

Croft straps Jenkins' palms to start out. Jenkins bends over a punishment bench, her maroon knickers are lowered, and she receives a long handspanking with excellent closeups. Tall, shapely blond Ms. O'Brien 's bare bottom always refreshes. Officer Croft produces a bundle of paddles and canes.

Jenkins bends over, hands-on-chair, for more spanking, but the position doesn't work, so they return OTK for more hard smacking. Jenkins kneels up on the bench--it's cute to see but perilous, so a bend-over touch-toes is used, a posture highly complimentary to Ms. O'Brien's charms. Croft lays on the cane here--five very hard strokes. Jenkins will be left kneeling erect bare-bottom, hands-on-head, high on the bench, for time to contemplate--a position which is punishment itself. Camera zooms on her tush as she teeters to hold the pose.

NEXT TERM: Meant as a new scene, but in the same place and actors wear the same clothes. Jenkins is being punished again--palm slapping, then OTK, bare, for the strap and handspanking. Officer Croft requires Jenkins to take off her school jumper, tuck her blouse in her knickers, and kneel on the bench, lengthwise, for the strap and cane on her pants, then head down, bottom up, 6 more of the cane, pants down--more cane; another cane is used --5 more. She is left kneeling while Officer Croft gets tea. Steady humiliation is the theme.

The tea must have been spiked, because Jenkins puts hands-on-chair and takes a full 35 strokes on the bare skin. Miss Hastings canes as hard as it needs to be done. There are a few unrehearsed interruptions--an early stroke must have cut deep-O'Brien jumps up, rattles off protests in her finest barmaid Irish, and shows Miss H. where she wants to be caned.

The poor pretty young student is not finished. She is sent to the headmaster to get the "senior cane," as if she needed more of that. We watch Miss Gillian-Lancer adjust her clothes and roll up her sleeves, very Domme like. Jenkins returns. "You took your time."

Back over the bench--12 of the cane on her tight maroon knickers. Jenkins gasps erotically--is this cane thicker? She lies lengthwise on the bench--she is one of those actresses destined for this pose. She rises to drop her own knickers and takes just three more strokes.

"I'll have you back tomorrow." "Yes, miss."


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