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time: 17 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 12/18/09

The format of this Part 2 of the Hungarian Mood production is exactly the same as Part 1, colorfully described by others, and performed with subtitles.

An attractive brunette is escorted into a squalid, dank basement-like room, just the place for the sort of interview we are about to witness. Mood and Lupus have excelled in selecting sets and locations which enhance the starkness of the action. For us, bare feet on a concrete floor add incremently to the erotic score. She is accompanied by a man and woman; her inquisitor greets them. There will be interspersed flashbacks of the girl recalling this punishment and later identifying the guy who did her whipping in his new job, an erotic manipulation of what must have occurred frequently in Eastern Europe over the last 30 years.

She is directed to take off her clothes, which she does without delay but with a touch of contempt and the slightest hint of taunting burlesque. So you want to see me naked, so have your look. She is involved in some college conspiracy; if she'll admit it and implicate her associates, she can go on her way.

That never happens in these situations. First she is made to stand naked against the wall in the "frisk" position, arms wide overhead and legs wide. Then she is tied over a table with soft white rope, not tightly, but this process is very erotic in itself and almost rings the bell. Translated: "You are going to take 50 on your ass. Count them aloud."

The woman escort holds her head up by her hair so we can see her face. The caning is slow and effective. The girl shouts various insults and the caning proceeds--that the caner is a pervert, has an erection, will "jerk off" in the bathroom, etc. all surely true.

At the conclusion, she is untied and slowly dresses as her escorts enjoy the view, along with us. Although the other reviewers were less entertained, we found this short exercise more intimidatingly institutional in style and less of a meat market in its result. The actress in pretty enough, and she left nothing to our imagination, that we would want to see her again soon.

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