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An Exemplary Student

time: 49 minutes
Stars:Samantha Woodley
Guest Review by MARS posted 2/19/10

Ageplay in a school setting: Stunning raven-haired brunette Samantha Woodley plays a student doing research for Professor Templeton, an authentic graybeard post-Mr. Chips type. She has heard rumors: "You use old-fashioned discipline methods...spanking.." and she is intent to egg him on to achieve exactly that. She is more interested in the process of spanking than in the work she is to do and flashes her jeaned bottom as she leaves after her first interview.

Strictly English fades to a dream scene, where Sam arrives in the most provocative schoolgirl dress--plaid skirt, open blouse, knee socks, and black high heels. Ms. Woodley carries this off without peer. In the imagining, he grabs her OTK and pulls her white panties down. Ms. Woodley's bottom deserves the same praise--wide, flaired feminine hips; round, high, and hard buttocks suggesting mysterious crevices. To repeat a perfectly useful cliche--she was born to be spanked. There is a gentle struggle, a solid handspanking, some "dirty old man" remarks, and obligatory corner time.

The next scene--back to reality, Templeton reviews Sam's grades while she connives to earn a spanking, asking how spankings are "orchestrated." She cracks under the tension, objects to Templeton's grading, and demands action. "Are you going to do it or aren't you?" He hesitates and she walks out, but soon returns, hoping he caves.

Oh well, he takes off his a coat, positions a chair and Sam goes OTK, wearing a white bare-shouldered blouse and dark skirt. A fast start to the handspanking: "You need a bare bottom spanking...take your skirt off." There are white polka dot panties, fitting like they were tailored. He bunches them and spanks, then pulls them down. "Oh, no, no."

"Is this what you wanted in the way of a spanking?" (Speaking to us, by chance?) A fast counted 24, she pops up, a dark fuzzy frontal glimpse, the only time we get one, and she leaves, more content than she wants to let on.

Shift to yet another academic conference scene, where Sam returns in the naughty outfit seen in the imagined sequence. She wants it and he wants it. He mutters approval at her appearance. "So you like it?" OTK, pants down, rousing spanking, closeups of her bottom worthy of the Louvre, funny ad lib dialogue, inciting remarks ("you can stuff my essay up your ass"). Lovely corner time; "Keep your bottom on display." Yes, please.

Back OTK. Nobody has had enough. "I have a feeling you are enjoying this." "You too, Buster." As we move toward the climax, "Fetch the cane." Samantha proffers the cane CP movie-style, then drops it in taunting contempt. Bent over the back of a straight chair, bottom exquisitely centered, she takes 12 strokes. "Not so funny now, is it?" She must count the next six, which gets to about 10 because she gets flustered.

She keeps needling. "Go on then, I know you like it. Shall I spread my legs? I know you like're a bastard." Each taunt earns more cane, until "I don't want any more, please." This little caning ballet finally ends. They embrace--Templeton's hands feel around her bottom and beyond.

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