Angry Coach

Nettles #46
60 minutes
Guest review by MARS posted 4/25/08

These Russian producers watch their competition and have learned a few things, although we are neither the arbiter of what's best in the genre or fully aware of all developments. The Russians are blessed with an abundant supply of pretty bottoms and never lack for demonic intentions. Now their production techniques are improving. Does this plot sound Eastern Eurpoean?---5 very attractive young ladies have angered their coach with poor performance and must pay the penalty.

The girls report in the mirrored dance studio Nettles uses, 5 girls of varied shapes, dressed in Anglo-Saxon schoolgirl attire--plaid skirts, blouses, knee socks. First they must strip and put on PT clothes. The camera moves leisurely amongst the undressing. The coach--muscular and threatening, and young enough to add sexual tension to his discipline--calls two girls forward. They must now drop the shorts we just watched them pull on. The five girls duckwalk around the room--two now with bare bottoms. Try it for a while--painful. Then all five must strip---humiliating nudity and rear views predominate this film. Each must jump rope naked--several are very good at it. We would like to submit that there is not a more exciting exercise for a naked girl than jumping rope.

The naked girls then do a series of revealing exercises--bicycle--legs kicking in the air; deep knee bends, jumping jacks, and some jogging. The girls are aware that Coach is waving a fraternity-sized paddle during the workout. Things to come. The girls then kneel erect in a row, while coach kneels in front of them, whacking their extended palms with a tawse, full swing. Faces flush and tears start.

Not all the girls receive the same serial punishment in this video, as would usually happen with Lupus or Mood with five fannies on the payroll. A small long-haired brunette, with a nifty little figure and some faint marks already on her bottom, is made to lie flat, her legs open, for a hard old-fashioned bastinado on bare feet. There can be no mistake this (1) hurts, and (2) is European. The next girl, a tall buxom blonde of Russian farm image, glorious without her clothes, gets the same and struggles not to cry out. And the third, a short brunette, cries visible tears.

Time for the "main punishment," the subtitles say, which will be that mean-looking paddle, drilled with holes. Lena, pale-skinned, auburn haired, Irish-looking, the prettiest of the 5 (but not by much), is called forward and none too pleased she is going to be paddled. It's been difficult not to isolate on her moving naked through the exercises and she would have been our choice to test how this paddle works. She kneels, hands-and-knees, bottom facing us. Coach "caves-in" her back, which does wonders for an already notable bottom. He proceeds to absolutely wallop her, vertically and horizontally, the hardest paddling we have ever seen in our travels. She needs time between strokes to recover. We're treated to the telltale white-centered paddle bruises. The next girl, another statuesque blonde just born to stay naked, assumes the position. She seems genuinely shocked at the first stroke. Coach grabs her hair and torments her between cannon shots to a fabulous bottom. There are tears and erotic desperation from her--no way we can see to have faked this. The two bruised bottoms are set side-by-side for a final comparison.

There isn't much more spanking on this film. The pace is slow--only part of the dialogue rates subtitles. We were probably lucky on that. Nettles has vastly improved; we withdraw earlier citicisms. Whale away, boys.

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