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An Impromptu Spanking

17 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/10/09

In the search for the plausible, we found this improbable, and it is certainly impromptu. A tall, thin, musucular guy cruises an art gallery, perusing incomprehensible modern pieces. A long-haired brunette attendant, sensing a sale, discusses the erotic subjects, particularly a cartoon-like spanking scene. She says she can almost feel the spanking just by looking at the work. She admits she likes spanking, and is taking marketing to a new height, maybe enticing a sale out of this guy.

She locks up the gallery. "How do you want me?" The guy: "Let's re-enact that (painting)." OTK, skirt up, he starts spanking on her well-fitted black silk panties. She moans like any good saleswoman would. "You really know what you're doing, don't you?" Pants down. Good closeup shots, he spanks, fondles, probes, generally has what he wants. She gasps and moans. He: "We're pretty much ready, aren't we?" "Yeah."

She gets up, quite comfortable without any pants on. He agrees to buy several paintings and to come back for more, so to speak. They kiss. "Goodbye, now." All we can think is, this is what can happen if you don't travel with a supply of paddles and canes.

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