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Antique Methods

54 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/26/10

Two girls rummage around what is supposed to be an antique shop, although we stay in a flat set with a narrow visual range. The girls handle the merchandise with some distain, showing some interest in a school desk and a paddle hanging on a hook, then decide to leave.

Peter Murdock, the shopowner, intercepts, and locks them in. He thinks they must have shoplifted and will call the police. (This film has been titled "Shoplifter Punishment".) One of the girls: "We could settle this." It seems the other girl, the Irish actress Alison Payne we have praised frequently, recalls a sign on the front door: "Shoplifters will be spanked or prosecuted."

Peter will frisk the girls. He puts his hands inside Alison's shorts, front and back, and under her T-shirt, much to her displeasure. She couldn't have hidden a paperclip. The second girl, a slim dark brunette, is similarly groped. A second guy arrives at the shop, flashes a badge you suspect is for the auxiliary park police, but it earns him the power to join the fun.

He will search the girls again, same detailed grope, not too well received by them. Nothing is found, but then--the men discover an antique ring on the brunette's finger. Now the girls are accomplices. some discussions--the girls need a lesson, they accept spankings.

Alison is first, bent over the handy school desk, black slacks down, bottom bare, "Please, sir." She has a trim figure and long chestnut hair, but flaired hips and a firm perfect feminine bottom ideal for this work. She has been spanked in enough films to know just what to do with this asset, and is always just saucy enough to challenge the virility of her spanker.

The brunette is spanked next, her friend holding her still. Then Alison is back over; we never tire of her in this bottoms-up posture. When the brunette switches again, she inadvertently starts to pull her own slacks down, but remembers quickly and stops.

After a short spanking, the brunette is next over the desk, n red sweater and black slacks. A taste of the wood fraternity paddle idsplayed in the shop generates some squeals, pants down.

The two guys alternate spanking these two trapped butterflies. Some more fun, silly but cute--the two girls remove their pants, tuck up their shirts, and dust around the shop, bare bottoms on display. The Irish Alison finds opportunities to flash frontal on occasion.

All sorts of nude humiliation--the girls spank each other, hands-on-head bottom inspection, closeups. Peter gets two canes. After some more police threats, the girls agree to proceed to what the men regard as the big moment. The brunette is first, over the desk again, a brief warmup with some handspanks, then 14 slow strokes with repeats, followed by 10 more she must count out, actually 11, because her count wasn't "sincere." Wiggles, closeups, hanging boobs, complaining, sexy kicking, altogether engaging. One guy canes, the other keeps her bottom in place.

And finally, Alison goes over, gets her bottom warmed up, and she counts out her 12 strokes. Legs wide, bottom in moition, we marked down an "A+" to describe this scene. The girls can leave now. If they want to shoplift, we know what to expect, antique methods of correction, glowing results.

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