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53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/16/09

A very recent CalStar production (or most likely, the date of release); we are still on the same message, after all these years. Schoolroom action, our preference, which we have sought out. A teacher, Ms. Fay, an attractive short-haired, sophisticated looking brunette, is virtually accousted at her classroom desk by the mother of a student, Helga, who has come home with a thoroughly whipped bottom. The mother is a long-haired brunette and her Germanic accent makes her almost incomprehensible, but her rage over her spanked daughter is noted. She is going to spank Fay to show her.

Fay is OTK; her skirt is worked up. "Ah, your bottom turns red." The mother works Fay's panties down. In the background, an umbrella stand holds a sheath of canes. The teacher must go to her own desk, panties at the thighs, giving us winks, to retrieve a paddle, but the mother gets another, guessing Fay selected a mild one. Mom finds the thick rectangular leather paddle we've seen many times, loud but mild. She uses it as hard as we canl recall seeing, and gets in some fondles in the process.

Ms. Woods, a thin young brunette who looks more a student than the "deputy principal" she is billed as, bursts in and rescues Fay in her bottoms-up posture. Now the mother goes OTK and is spanked on the skirt of her black suit. We assume this is not a tuition-school. No way to treat a customer. She must pull up her own skirt. Pantyhose and panties down--goodness, this mother has a naughty tattoo we've seen called a "tramp stamp." Over the stylish 19th Century schooldesk for the paddle.

In another signal this is a performance from the archives, there are meaningless segues to exterior architecture. Woods is frustrated with her progress: "I'm not making much of an impact on you." (Our observations precisely for this ineffectual paddle). She produces the floppy taerdrop shaped strap after a little tussle, with a tinge of dominant lesbian behavior. Yelps. No more chatter. "You're nice and quiet now."

Woods makes the mother stand in the corner, bottom on display of course, and she decides to spank Fay herself, muttering leverage she has over offenses Fay has committed we couldn't hear. Then the two bottoms are set side-by-side for photo documentation.

Well, the canes are there. Let's use them. Fay is bent over the desk first, bare bottom, a round, hard, unblemished, pink, and perfect target she offers to us. 20 firm strokes, little gasps, several camera angles, including closeups as the cane strikes. The mother wants Woods to hit harder. Fay is then cornered and hikes her blouse without direction so we can admire.

The mother goes over the desk for a memorable session, and she is in good shape too. There are 25 strokes--the actress knows to keep her long hair off her face so we can watch her reactions. On the 25th stroke, the cane handle breaks to some hilarity on the set, but Woods points out there are spares on hand and loses no time. "You're a cruel bitch." "I know."

Almost 20 more strokes. Woods likes to measure, mark, and tease between zingers. At the conclusion, the two women bicker over who got caned harder.

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