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An Apple for Miss Higgins

24 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/11/08

Yet another clever fantasy. Two Nu West actresses, Joanne and Juliette, share that they both experienced humiliating spankings in school. Ed Lee has apparently obtained a "real" teacher on whom our girls can exact revenge. An attractive blonde is cornered in the room, waiting.

Miss Higgins is summoned forward and taken OTK by Juliette for a long and firm handspanking. Higgins' pantyhose and panties are rolled down soon enough, to expose a hard, round bottom. Juliette is working hard; her ample hair flies around, sometimes covering her face. In contrast, Miss Higgins' face is lost--we will never see much of her, except from the bottom, which is good enough. Several camera angles, with inconsistent lighting and sound among the shots.

Joanne switches, to rest Julliette, and spanks even harder. "You tanned her pretty hide pretty good but I can do better," and "It's getting red, kind of like an apple." Actually two apples, and it's always Nu West's policy to balance the hues. The girls chuckle over their developing accomplishment and wonder if Higgins' students will wonder why she walks around so much tomorrow and doesn't sit.

Juliette and Joanne switch a few more times and try to finish with a flourish. Higgins ends up back in the corner, skirt up, results on view. OK to rub.

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