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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights: Initiation A Strictly English Production
Directed by Stephen English and Sacha Lievely
Written by Sacha Lievely and Rosaleen Young
Starring: Rosaleen Young
Sacha Lievely
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Review by Katrina

Many of the reviews here are a synopsis of the plot. I can't disappoint you. So without further adieu, here is the synopsis of this hour long film. Are you ready? Do you have your pad and pencil? The plot is about struggle and eventual submission of a young woman initiated to the harem of a king by the king's mother. Did you get it? That is all that I want to talk about a synopsis. That's a simple sentence for a very complex and sensual piece of art. It would be the equivalent of calling the Mona Lisa just "a painting." Let me tell you about this version of the Mona Lisa. This is a film about innocence, defiance, sensual caresses, and obedience. It is an erotic fantasy of a woman; a woman coming of age to marry a king. It is a story about agony and ecstasy and the effects that they have on a young woman. The writers of the film are the same as the stars, Rosaleen Young and Sacha Lievely. They wrote the story based upon what they wanted in a film. They wrote the film for women. The directors of the film are the same as the stars, Rosaleen Young and Sacha Lively. They directed the film based upon their erotic vision. This is a film created by women that is unapologetic in its expressions of raw feminine sexuality.

The chemistry between these two actors is incredible. They play off each other. They draw strength from each other and at the same time, they give all that they have to the production of the film. These two ladies epitomize the erotic arts. They do this with every gesture of their bodies; with every look of their eyes behind the veils. There is only one set used in the film. In keeping with the times, it is very simple and minimalist in nature. All of the action occurs within the confines of two areas of a harem bedroom. The set consists of a bed in a metal frame, a chair in a similar metal frame, and many, many flowing robes and silks. It is a spanking fantasy film. Rosaleen, playing the young woman, is spanked over her harem dress by the queen mother due to an act of defiance. It was not meant to be a "serious" spanking. It is severe enough to put some color to her cheeks. The purpose of this spanking was to introduce both of us to the remainder of the night; the overture of the punishments that are yet to come. Yes, the spankings do eventually progress to her bare bottom. However, a bare bottom spanking is not the focus of the film. The most impassioned spankings occur over her clothing pushed aside as she reacts to the slap of the hand. She reacts to the sting. She reacts to the smooth stroking. She reacts to her position which changes as each slap is registered on her brain. As a spanking goes, it is definitely one of alternating soft caresses and stinging slaps. The combination alternating pain and pleasure brings the girl to the point of sexual arousal. Watching it being done to Rosaleen would be enough to bring even the most inattentive viewer to a similar condition. The scene where she is forced to wash Sacha hands and feet is meaningfully powerful. In that region of the world, it is an act of total submission to wash the feet of someone else. Yet, the girl does submit to washing the queen's feet. But still the queen doubts her nature. She has not been properly conditioned to be the consort of her son. She has not been disciplined for her act of rebellion. Her punishment is not over for the evening, as all possibilities of rebellion must be driven from the girl's soul. It shall not until the end of the film when she eventually succumbs to the realization that the punishments will end only upon her resignation.

The film has bondage aspects to it. The girl's hands and feet are bound, lying prostrated and vulnerable over the bed. While bound, her skin is violated at the hands of her tormentor. The slow dripping of hot candle wax on her skin, in some of the most sensitive areas on a woman's body, are enough to bring her to almost an orgasmic response. Yet, even after all of that, she remains stubbornly defiant; even when her nipples are playfully pinched and twisted. Did I forget to mention that this film was written by women for women? The flogging sequence, also conducted on the bed, is passionate. It is not harsh. It is not brutal. As such, it is very amative, very erogenous. The woman's body reacts accordingly, even without her conscious knowledge in expectation of events that are to happen later in the evening, even to the extent of showing her tearful face. The part that I savored the most, as a punishment scene, was the second spanking. The first spanking was neither long nor involved. The second spanking was. The second spanking was quite long. It even involved Sacha putting her foot on the bed and Rosaleen over her knee in a fashion that raised the lady to a position where her feet barely reached the bed. This left the girl in a very vulnerable position, unable to protect her bottom, now turning a dark shade of crimson, nor block the slaps that continued to rain down upon her burning cheeks. When she was not placed on Sacha's knee, her hips were raised with Sacha holding her under her waist and her hand reaching to that spot between her legs while the other hand managed to impart the sharp pain of a sting. As one hand struck her bottom, the other massaged what could be reached between her legs. Oh, wow! Now, that is a spanking. Rosaleen's hips began to register her excitement, even if it was not the woman's desire. Her hips rose, and twisted. Her hips bucked as the orgasms exploded on her brain. I said that this was my favorite scene. I felt as she did. What can I say? I loved it. It felt ever so good.

The switching and subsequent caning sequence with Rosaleen over the bed was also one "for the books". Like the other punishments, it was not harsh. At least it did not start out to be that way. It started out with the cane being delivered by Sacha's wrist only. Her nude bottom did show the typical marks of a switching. The choice of a switch rather than a cane is also interesting. A switch would be available to the locality at the time suitable for the film. A cane would not. As such, it is more authentic to use a switch rather than a cane. The choice of a thin switch, however, leads me to believe that while she is authentically switched, she is not overly and seriously punished. The girl held on to the bed rails with both hands as she knelt at the head of the bed. She held her bottom out, reaching out for the switch. Yet, it was obvious that it was still painful from her expression. That was until Sacha realized that being gentle was not going to work. With one move, she drew back the long, thin switch over her shoulder and let Rosaleen have it, with full force, across both cheeks. Splat! Rosaleen's reaction was, to say it simply, not mild. Forget holding on to the bed. Forget sticking her bottom out. That one hurt. That one really hurt. Rosaleen's hands did not hold the bed rail. Her bottom twisted out of the line of fire as she plopped it down on the bed. This left her facing Sacha with a look of both fear and anger. She was still recalcitrant and now full of anger and resentment and rage. Sacha decided that the switch was not going to work. The girl had too much pride and needed to be humbled. To break the will of the prideful girl Sacha took up a heavy cane in this cause

Her will unbroken, Rosaleen gathers her strength of will and managed to resume her place. The sequence still reflects her undue pride and stubbornness that prevents her from accepting her rightful, submissive position. However, it is obvious that her strength is waning under Sacha's masterful ministrations. This time a cane is used upon her naked bottom. This time, more vigor is used. This time, there was obvious discomfort. This time, it was not so easy to hold on to the bed rail. Finally with this level of persuasion, the girl breaks and decides that the only way that it will stop is if she submits. Gone is her pride. Gone is her stubbornness. What has replaced her stubbornness is a sense to please her tormentor, at whatever cost. This film features one of the most erotic dances of all times. It is Rosaleen's harem dance. The music starts and Rosaleen begins to dance. Gentlemen, if you wanted a reason to purchase this film, this is a good one. Ladies, we may have a different reason that can only be explained within our souls. To say that Rosaleen's dance is sensual, erotic, provocative, enticing, and exquisite would do it shame, almost to the point of being an insult. I can't describe it. It is something that you must experience for yourself. Lost in the frenzy of her dance, Rosaleen removes her top and exposes her breasts as a sign of her submission and arousal. Sacha uses her talents to drive the frenzied young girl to new levels of ecstasy, whipping the writhing Rosaleen to the rhythm of the mesmeric drumbeats. Ok, men, what can I say? See it for yourself. If I still haven't convinced you, well ... a bit more of the costume also comes down. This is not the end of the film. The remainder of the film is a conclusion that is almost inevitable. The finale ends in a manner suitable for a king's wedding, with Rosaleen wrapped as the wedding present. To say the film is erotic is an understatement. To say that it is sensual is wrong. It is more than sensual. It is voluptuous. The encyclopedias of the future, under the picture for "desert flower", will have a caption that reads "Rosaleen Young". The flower does not do justice to this lovely, innocent girl of the desert

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