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A Real Good Part

11 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/27/09

Short filler video; premier spanker actor Micahael Dawes as a "talent agent," at work on the white sectional CalStar couch. Jenny, a dark blonde, fidgets in front of him in skimpy red dress. It seems she has gotten an acting part, but there is always one more thing.

"Drop your dress." She stands in bra and panties. Jenny has no lines in this drama, but she doesn't need them. Micahael rolls her slowly over his knee; she obediently spreads her legs--she is not going to lose this part. "I would just like to do a few smacks on have a very fine'll be marvelous." He begins a moderate handspanking. He unsnaps her bra as she lies there, panties still in place. So far this video is about his exploring hands.

Finally he pulls her pants down; Jenny has hidden her face; she stands and is twirled for us, naked. Sweet little pubic fuzz. She has difficulty balancing on absurd platform heels. Kneeling on the couch, bottom-high, for more handspanking. This is the conclusion. She puts on her tissue-like little red dress and hurries off to the office with her acting contract. Best to get out quick, before Michael gets any other ideas.

Just a bottom-check and a touch-up spanking is all we had. CalStar may have had a few minutes to spare at the end of a production day, or this actress would not allow Michael to roll out his full arsenal of spanking implements.

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