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Army Hundred

Length: 47 minutes
Review by MARS posted 3/18/11

Large cast and good amount of action, despite Moonglow's low budget and typical limited setting. The actors are familiar--the girls can be identified on Moonglow's website. Young ladies attend weekend military camp. You'd think the disciplinary practices would discourage membership, but we don't ask questions.

Actresses Alison Payne and "Jane," as Privates Brown and Cobb, crouch in camouflage costume in undergrowth, applying camouflage face paint, playing weekend warriors. Cobb accidently discharges her rifle and explodes Brown's beer can.

Brown and Cobb are marched in front of the Colonel, joined by a third girl, Ellis, played by Nicky Montford. The three ageplay men, one of whom is adult actor Jack Uppitt, who make up this vaudevillian miltary setting, almost literally seem recently from Dunkirk. We have found these olders guys are less forgiving disciplinarians. "You're all going to get spanked until one of you tells what happened." "Spanked?" questions Brown weakly. We're guessing these young females are weekend recreation for these geezers. "Remove your trousers."

All three are taken OTK and spanked bare-bottom, white panties taken down, simultaneously. Colorful and noisy smacking sounds fill the air. Can't hear the girls' dialogue, their heads tucked down. Now they will be caned until there is a confession.

Brown (Alison) first. Flashback of her to a schoolgirl caning. Brown goes over a tall desk for a handspanking from a fourth male actor, just as geezer-like. Somebody has a good contact in the Moonglow casting department. "Knickers down, girl." Ah, that first moment when actress Ms. Payne removes her pants. 12 solid cane strokes, the male officer fondles, and the actress chatters away, as she does.

Back to the present, Brown is dismissed. It was she who was shot at. Brunette Ellis (actress Nicky Montford), the third cadet, was AWOL, with her boyfriend when she too should have been crouched in the bush. "Have you ever been caned before?" "Yes, sir." A similar flashback to her in a schoolgirl situation is inserted. The same teacher handspanks her then canes her as she kneels on a chair, 4 on her blue panties, and 8 more on the bare. Very hard stuff--a blotchy bottom. Actress Ms. Monford is one of the stalwart and brave CP characters.

To the present, punishments are announced. Fifty strokes for Ellis for AWOL, and since Cobb has now admitted firing her rifle, one hundred strokes for her.

A new scene: A waist-high trestle/sawhorse has been brought in. Ellis (Nicky) bends over first. One geezer centurion gives her 25 strokes on her blue slacks. The second guy pulls down the slacks but leaves her knickers in place and lays on the second 25, including some intentionally down on her thighs. Well-striped young lady.

Last is blond Cobb, who carelessly discharged her rifle, four or five shots we heard. she wears white shorts, green knee socks, and a green top. The three "soldiers" and the Colonel are needed for this one. The first guy lays on 25 cane strokes on her shorts, not as hard, because this is a big allotment. The second caner: "Take your shorts down, girl." 25 more, and he fondles her at breaks. 25 more from the third participant, Cobb is well-marked at this point. Uppitt, a very unlikely "Corporal," is last with his 25, and he fondles more than he should.

Bottom closeups of the girls for comparison. They are lectured and released. You have to wonder if these weekend encampments have a reputation.

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