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Army Stripes

Length:60 minutes

Hey, a bit of a plot! Moonglow creates a WW II squadroom setting (albeit at a low budget). Army girls (are they WRENS?) are in a constant scurrying state of mischief, so we are going to get to see a lot of them, as it were. All the characters here, a male sergeant ("Sarge"), a female lieutenant, and 4 or 5 WRENS, are dressed in heavy blanket-type uniforms we remember from the era. Makes you itch just to look at them. Fortunately, some of the girls will not be wearing their uniforms for long.

Scene opens on two girls playing cards when they should be doing military work. Sarge comes in and is furious. "There's a war on." He takes the first girl OTK, begins handspanking, and soon gets her skirt up. Nice bottom; we will forgive this WREN her anachronous thong. The second girl gets the same---all mild stuff so far, but wait. The female lieutenant bursts in and is enraged at the sergeant for exceeding his authority. He must have been at Dunkirk, because he isn't daunted by her or her rank, and has her OTK with her skirt up in no time. Goodness, I believe she came out today without knickers. Another nice tush. The lady is classy; she giggles a bit, does some sexy squirming, and gets a little pinking, but all in all this spanking doesn't push her. If I were the director of this video, I would have pencilled her in for a more resolute session tomorrow.

Scene fades to later, and Sarge intends to finish with the two girls what the lady lieutenant interrupted. They're both bent over, bare bottom, for some moderte paddling with a ping pong paddle-sized leather implement. Lots of "Oh, Sarge...Oh, Sarge."

The next day things tighten up. Sarge confronts the girls with a whippy cane. The first girl bends over a chair, skirt up, thong down, and takes 8 mild strokes. In this and succeeding scenes Moonglow's from-below angle on the bottom under fire is much appreciated. The second girl is made to strip completely for her 12-stroke caning, which is also much harder. She's chased out of the squadroom nude at the conclusion.

Yet another scene--this time THREE girls are playing cards when Sarge catches them. Time for the cane again. The first girl, new here, after losing her cute white panties, takes at least 30 strokes (probably some repeats). Terrific tramlines and some breathless discomfort to be sure. Then it's Moonglow's Alison Payne, who can take a terrific caning ("Molly's One Hundred," and it is). She kneels bare bottom over two chairs. If you like figs, this is the full monty. She has a perfect bottom, stretched tight and spread in this position, and she takes at least 30 zingers. She manages to keep up a saucy dialogue with Sarge and a lot of eye contact with us, while her bottom, as if it were elsewhere, takes on an array of lines, welts, and bruises. Admirable. A third girl is knelt, bare, fig to the wind, over the chairs for about 10 with the cane. Her gutteral carnal cries are somewhat different.

A final scene may have been added to fill time; a faceless spanker, not our sergeant, gets a hefty WREN down to bra and panties and eventually bare over the spanking bench used in "Molly's One Hundred" for 15 medium cane strokes. She's got good equipment and is a convincing sniveler. Moonglow's production work is above-the-norm, and I especially like the camera work on the girl-of-the-day from underneath.

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