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Aroused by the Cane

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/11/09

An attempted fulfillment of one's imagination on what happens to the participants AFTER an erotic and effective spanking session. In a domestic setting. a modern and liberated couple is interviewing girls to care for their stable of horses (an au pair for horses). The applicant is an exotic brunette seen before on these airwaves. The couple, the Browns, chat with her and Mrs. Brown, a tidy curvy little short-haired blonde herself, is concerned that her husband will have trouble keeping his hands off this girl, a problem he has had. The girl has visited the horses before coming inside.

The au pair has traveled, is 'exhausted,' and goes to bed immediately in the oak-beamed bedroom CalStar often has used. The au pair strips to a tiny thong, no bra, lies back, and begins to masturbate with a dildo from her purse. Thong comes off for a porn movie-type scene.

The Browns also go to bed. Mrs. Brown strips down to a tiny thong, taking off a skimpy little sundress a 10 year old girl would be scandalous in. No bra. She is an eyeful and a handful. They cuddle in bed, but Mr. Brown is rebuffed for the moment.

Mr. Brown sneaks out of bed, goes to the au pair's room, and climbs into bed to "welcome her." She is willing and they are both mostly naked and begin the action without much preliminary. Mrs. Brown awakes, comes into the room in just her thong, chases Mr. Brown out. "Get downstairs. I will deal with the both of you there."

This hot little au pair doesn't even find her panties, just throws on a short coat, and reports downstairs. She is quickly naked, handing over her coat, OTK with Mrs. Brown, herself in a microscopic thong. It is colorful tangle of pink flesh. The au pair spreads her legs--nothing so far is a problem for her. Mr. Brown, in just little briefs, takes over the spanking for his wife. She cheers him on, but Mr. says to Mrs.: "You'll be over my knee shortly." This is turning into a free-for-all and logic eludes.

Mr. Brown spanks his naked wife--a terrific scene. "You've been a bitch the last month...payback time." The au pair masturbates in the background, then joins in, for a mixture of spanking and threesome squishy sex.

Mr. Brown fetches his cane and is now going to deal with both naked girls. His wife is bent almost double over the back of the couch, very revealing and photogenic, for about a dozen cane strokes, which include well-filmed repeats from appealing angles. The au pair is bent over for the same. Then both girls have oral sex as Mr. Brown encourages them.

The film moves to full porn. Mr.Brown drops his skimpy briefs and both girls combine to give him oral sex. Mr. Brown takes his wife doggy-style while she services the au pair. More position changes and swaps, before Mr. Brown ejaculates on the two bodies, bent over the couch. Just another day at the estate, we suppose.

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