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time: 47 minutes
Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by Michael Masterson
Miss J.
Lady D
Starring: Michael Masterson
Lady D
Miss J

Initial Review by John O'Connell

The video opens with a knock at the front door of the institute. Lady D answers and invites Emma and Sandra inside and then up to her office. Once seated, Lady D describes the rules of conduct and that any violation of these rules will be met with swift and severe punishment. She then orders them to strip, which Emma foolishly questions. Not a good way to start off one's stay at RSI. Emma finally complies and removes all of her clothes as does Sandra. Lady D confiscates their backpacks and orders them to stand with their hands along their sides. She tells them that they need to be comfortable being naked, that modesty doesn't exist at the institute. Both girls are given their uniforms and white panties, which they quickly change into. "This is what we call assuming the position" Lady D yells as she thrusts Emma over the desk and into the punishment position. Before Emma can say 'that's a fine how do you do' her skirt is raised and Lady D is slapping her panty clad behind like a hammer pounding a nail into a foot thick beam. Lady D then gives the pretty young lady a wedge, exposing her tender cheeks. The onslaught continues until Emma's attitude has diminished and promises of behaving are being cast through her hard and heavy breathes. With a sore bum, the two are released from Lady D's office.

While on the stairs, Jasmine and Jennifer pass the institute's two newest students. The pair of miscreants decide that the pair of newcomers need a welcome to RSI surprise. They sneak up to Emma and Sandra's room and proceed to tear it apart. For those of you that served in the military, you are probably familiar with the term "white tornado". Although this isn't quite as bad as a white tornado, it did cause me to reminisce on a similar experience. The girls leave a mess that any four year old would be proud of and then quietly exit the room. Lady D arrives for the girl's first room inspection, only to be angered by the mess she finds. The look on Emma and Sandra's faces are priceless, and their attempt at explanation is only met with a "talk to the hand" attitude from Lady D. Unfortunately for them, Lady D just so happens to have her strap with her. Sandra is made to bend over the bed, while Emma holds her hands. Emma is warned, if she lets go of Sandra's hands, then extra swats will be given to her. With skirt raised and panties wedged up, the strapping begins. Lady D unleashes a salvo of swats that would make a prize fighter cringe. To add fuel to the fire, Sandra lets a few swears slip. The two are ordered to switch places and Emma now finds herself on the receiving end of Lady D's fury for the second time in twenty four hours. Emma's bottom is lit up once again, causing her to let of cries of pain. I'm convinced Lady D has swivels in her shoulder. Most people's shoulder's would implode with that kind of torment on them. She just fires swat after swat after swat like a machine. Much to Emma's delight, the punishment comes to a conclusion and the two are ordered to clean their room and that Lady D will be back to check on it.

Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jasmine and Jennifer were the ones that tore the room apart. So, Emma and Sandra seize the moment to enact their revenge. While waiting for class to begin, Jasmine and Jennifer leave their notebooks on their desks while they leave the room. Emma and Sandra take the assignment that is due that morning out of their binders and destroy them. Once class begins, Miss J asks for the assignment to be passed in, and much to their chagrin, Jasmine and Jennifer's are missing. Offering excuses only irritates Miss J further and Jasmine is bent over her desk for a bout with the strap. Skirt raised and panties wedged up, Miss J proceeds to be the living daylights out of Jasmine's poor behind while she angrily yells about the two wasting her time. That is not a wise thing to do at RSI ladies and gentlemen. Do not waste their time here, or you will pay the price. Once Jasmine's behind is brought to boiling temperature, she is made to stand with her skirt up. First she faces the wall, and then the class. Jennifer is bent over the desk just before Miss J decides that Jasmine hasn't been embarrassed enough. She pulls her panties down to her knees and then returns her attention to Jennifer. She yanks her panties down and then straps Jennifer's bottom until she is yelling and screaming. All the while Emma laughs and giggles in the background, happy to see Jennifer getting her just deserts. Once the strapping comes to a close, both Jennifer and Jasmine are made to stand in front of the class with their skirts up, panties down, and their arms extended to the side balancing a book on each hand.

As 3 girls wait patiently at their desks, Miss J notes that Sandra is absent from her class. She calls Lady D on the intercom and notifies her of the situation. Lady D arrives at the dorm room to find Sandra fast asleep. Somewhat to my surprise, Lady D turns the light on and gently wakes Sandra from her slumber. I thought she would start yelling, but since this was the first time, I guess she decided to be nice. Well, at least in the yelling category. Sandra emerges from the covers wearing only her white panties and is then taken over the knee by Lady D. Her panties are wedged up exposing her tender cheeks and Lady D proceeds to dish out a hand spanking that she'll never forget. "Maybe this will make it a little easier for you to get up on time" Lady D scolds. I certainly hope so, Lady D's hinge arm was in full swing and if that doesn't cause you to remember, then I don't know what would. A few more swears slip out of Sandra's mouth, which Lady D then suggests that she find alternate language to use. Lady D then lets Sandra up and has her get dressed for class.

As Jasmine is walking up the stairs, Lady D happens to notices she is not wearing any panties. When Lady D questions the young underwear less offender, she merely states that the panties are not comfortable. Well, the issue of comfort is only going to worsen, as Lady D takes Jasmine to the Dean's office. The dean is none to happy to see her, as she had been to see him in the recent past. She is taken over the knee and given a hard spanking on her bare bottom. Jasmine cries and pleads that the panties are not comfortable, which is only met with questions of perhaps the spanking is more comfortable than wearing the underwear. Since the dean was expecting an answer and Jasmine didn't give him one, he spanks all the harder. Jasmine begins to sob as the dean turns her bottom into flesh flambé. He lets her up and has her sit in the chair to compose herself. A tear streaming down her face displaces her mascara and makes for a nice black line down her cheek. He hands her a box of tissues and she promises that there will be no more dress code violations.

Jennifer rushes into the classroom as the class has already begun. Wisely she offers no excuses and quickly assumes the position in front of the class. Her panties are lowered and Miss J informs Jennifer that she will give her twelve strokes with the cane. After roughly six, Jennifer reaches back to block a stroke, which certainly wasn't in her best interest. Miss J has Jennifer stand up and face the class, placing her hands out in front of her at arm's length. She straps each hand once and tells Jennifer that if she reaches out again that she will strap her hands again. Jennifer resumes the position for the final six. In fact, she was lucky as Miss J asked her what number stroke she as at and Jennifer did not know. Jennifer was then made to leave her panties down as she sat at her desk for class.

The final scene of the production brings all four girls into the deans office. Dressed in gym clothes consisting of tanks tops and shorts, the are made to stand before the dean as Lady D explains what has been going on. She informs the dean that she interviewed the four girls separately and found that Jasmine and Jennifer ripped apart Emma and Sandra's room causing them to be spanked. In retaliation, Emma and Sandra stole Jennifer and Jasmine's assignment, causing them to also be punished. The dean said he'd like to have the two misgivings cancel each other out, but he couldn't allow that type of behavior to exist. He explained that at RSI it is ok to "tattle" and that if there are problems of this nature, the students should come to one of them rather than take matters into their own hands. He decides that Emma and Sandra will receive lesser punishments since they are only guilty of retaliation. Jasmine will be slightly more severe, while Jennifer will receive the gauntlet. Not only because she orchestrated the prank, but because she had been recently in his office and was warned that if she returned in the near future he would make her regret it. Two chairs are brought together back to back and Emma is told she will go first. With her shorts and panties lowered, she places her knees on the seat of one chair and her hands on the seat of the other. The dean then proceeds to give Emma a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom. She is then made to stand with the others, shorts around her ankles, watching as Sandra lowers her shorts and panties. Taking the same position as Emma, the dean spanks Sandra's bare bottom. Luckily for her, she manages to hold her tongue this time and not let out any swears. She is ordered to stand next to Emma, shorts and panties around her ankles, as Jasmine steps forward and bares her bottom. He comments that it hadn't been that long since she had come to see him, but that he was happy that she managed to find her panties. He takes his belt and unleashes a furry of strokes on Jasmine's naked globes. She is left with a red and sore bottom by the time the belting subsides. She is ordered to stand with the others and Jennifer is brought forward. Jennifer will receive two punishments. First with the belt, and then with a small wooden paddle. The dean wastes not time in firing off a ton of shots with the belt, causing Jennifer to scream and for tears to form in her eyes. Wiping away the tears, she prepares herself for a round with the paddle. The dean does not go easy on her and lives up to his word of making her regret this visit to his office. She is paddled until she cries and sobs, stating that she is sorry for what she did. The dean comments that this could very well be the first time that Jennifer ever apologized. After showing Lady D their battered bottoms, the four are made to kneel on the floor and place their hands upon their heads. They are told they will stay in that position for thirty minutes and that if anyone touches their bottom, then all four will be punished again.

To say this production was magnificent is an understatement. I loved it. It's possibly the best video I've seen in a long time. The girls are pretty, the uniforms and setting are realistic, even the acting is pretty good. Watching Lady D dish out the punishment just leaves me sitting here with my jaw wide open drooling on myself. Her arm is a registered weapon of ass destruction. (Ok, I know that's corny, but I've waited a long time to use it so cut me some slack). Seriously, how she keeps up that hard pace is beyond me. The video is just awesome and it leaves me looking forward to the next RS production. The video quality and sound are average for VHS and the running time is around 45-50 minutes.


From those first tentative knocks on the door, "The Arrival" provides plenty of non-stop spanking, strapping, and paddling action.

New girls Sandra and Emma arrive at the Institute and Dorm Mom (Lady D) lets them know immediately that she is in charge, and no deviation will be allowed. As her first test of authority, Dorm Mom makes the girls strip. This provides a nice opportunity to take in the lush, ripe bodies of both girls. Their attempts at modesty are futile, as Dorm Mom quickly lets them know while providing them their school uniforms. Emma has plenty of attitude, most of it bad. Emma's foolish challenge to Dorm Mom provides the first excuse for a spanking. Sandra is positioned for instructional viewing of Emma's impending spanking. Emma's skirt is lifted and she is given a brisk, hard hand spanking that leaves her shaking and breathless while Sandra looks on. Nice face camera action focuses in on Emma's winces, catches the intensity of this spanking nicely.

Dorm Mom's room inspection is a failure for the 2 new girls as soon as the door opens. The shocked expression of Sandra and Emma shows how well Jennifer and Jasmine executed their mischief. Dorm Mom skips right past the excuses and decides upon a strapping, on the spot. Bent over the bed, Emma securely holds down Sandra. With her buttocks pointing upward, Sandra's rear makes a lovely target for Dorm Mom's sharp smacks with her wide leather strap. Loud and hard, the strokes quickly make her cry out, shake, and break into swearing. Then it's Emma's turn to be held down and strapped. Emma's foot kicks up as she squirms beneath the hard strokes. She shrieks and struggles to stay in position with each stroke. The hard strapping leaves her gasping and choking back tears. Both girls are shaking and on the edge of tears as they try to tidy their room.

The girls know who messed up their room and plot their revenge. Jasmine and Jennifer arrive in class to find their homework missing. The fearsome Teacher (Miss J) provides immediate harsh correction with a thick black leather strap with holes. Bent over the desk with her beautifully shaped butt jutting out, Jasmine is positioned for 20 hard, fast whacks that leave her buttocks red, bruised, and quivering. The face camera catches Jasmine's tears and mascara-dripping face. Jennifer is invited up for her turn over the desk. She cries out after 6 whacks but gets plenty more. Perhaps because of her tattoos, Miss J straps her even harder and longer than Jasmine, making Jennifer cry. The face camera is great here... Jennifer's face simply begs "Stop!" and shows the real intensity of this strapping. I would have loved to see the face camera on the last three strokes, which were delivered brutally hard.

Sandra is a no-show for class, having overslept. Dorm Mom wakes her up, scolding her for oversleeping, and spanks her on the spot. Sandra's butt jiggles beneath Lady D's firm hand as she submissively accepts her discipline. Sandra's dreamy face is pretty but is even more beautiful when she is being spanked hard. Her expression shows the struggle and pain and the face camera catches that nicely, once again.

Jasmine gets caught walking around without panties and is taken to the dean. The Dean thoughtfully reminds Jasmine that she is a repeat offender. His air of regret belies the intensity of the spanking he proceeds to give Jasmine. Her protest that underwear are uncomfortable only earns her much harder slaps. Jasmine weeps readily, but the Dean is not swayed from his path as he continues his spanking and verbal humiliation of her. She is advised that any subsequent dress code infraction will win a wooden paddle spanking... Too bad she decides to obey. I would have loved to see her ass receive a solid paddling.

Jennifer arrives late to Miss J's class, which earns her a prompt, bent-over caning. Jennifer is positioned with her hands on her knees and her skirt up. Jennifer attempts to block the stingers with her hands, earning herself a hand strapping with a thick leather strap. Jennifer's fear is palpable as she is firmly pushed into position by Miss J for the strap strokes. Her face scrunches and grimaces as the strap lands, clearly showing the pain she feels. Miss J is quite menacing as she slides the cane back and forth through her hands prior to completing the 12 strokes.

For the grand finale, the four girls are lined up for a group punishment. Lady D details the infractions. Jennifer and Jasmine are identified as the worst offenders for their deliberate antics, while Sandra and Emma's retaliation earns them their spot in the line up. After D completes her detailing of crimes and misdemeanors, the Dean tags Jennifer as a repeat offender meriting special attention. Emma goes first, then Sandra. They are kneeled up over a couple of chairs and given firm hand spankings. Jasmine goes next, but instead of a hand spanking, gets the doubled up belt on her still well-marked rear. The Dean increases intensity by speeding up the strokes at the end. Jasmine is a well- punished girl by the time he finishes with her.

Then comes Jennifer, the ultimate bad girl. Jennifer looks more like a follower but she gets punished like the queen of the bad girls. The combined strapping and paddling she gets is a double-punch workout that makes her sweat and cry real tears. First, Jennifer gets strapped very hard across her well-muscled rear. She reacts from the very first strokes. She gets no mercy at all from the Dean and is crying and begging the Dean to stop. The coup de grace is Jennifer's paddling. She gets the first 8 strokes slow and deliberate. They are so hard she struggles and fights to stay in position. The Dean advises her that not staying in position will be cause for a complete start-over. Jennifer fights herself to accept and submit, and the Dean takes advantage to push her hard with a rapid-fire real paddling that finally breaks iron-willed Jennifer down into tears and sobs of "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." The Dean shares my surprise in stating he has never heard Jennifer say she was sorry before. Remarkable!

This film clips along at a great pace that never gets boring. The acting is good but it is minimal... it serves to sets up the spanking sequences and doesn't just fill tape. The spanking action in this film gets the most screen time, and fans of hard spanking will appreciate the talents of Lady D, Miss J, and Mr. M as they firmly and promptly spank their errant girls. The girls are all reactive and responsive to their discipline, and good camera work catches not just their bouncing rears but also the struggle to accept discipline as etched upon their faces. A solid focus on hard spanking and appealing, reactive girls make this a film a treat.


This review augments two lengthy predecessors. We'll omit much of the play-by-play, amply described above.

RealSpanking, an American company, has a large library. Spankings are hard and realistic, the girls are delightful, the sets and production values excellent, and there is little sleeze. This performance is set at the RealSpanking Institute, where young ladies are sent for attitude adjustment. Actresses Jasmine, Jennifer, Emma, and Sandra will be on the wrong end of some discussions with the Institute disciplinarians. RS has made several videos where girls are housed and spanked frequently for the slightest offense.

Blondish Emma and brunette Sandra arrive and are oriented. "While you're here, I am in charge. Stand up and strip." Lovely humiliation as the girls strip naked. "Get used to being naked here at the Institute." They put on uniforms difficult to dissociate with spanking--plaid skirts, white panties, and frilly blouses.

RS regular Lady D. "demonstrates" with Emma, a hard handspanking over the desk. The girls go and meet Jasmine and Jennifer, who then trash their room. The new girls are inspected and spanked again by Lady D. "Ow, fuck," shouts Emma.

Sandra and Emma sabotage Jasmine's and Jennifer's homework, so Miss J. spanks theme in class in some British lookalike classroom action. We said those plaid skirts were meant to be turned up. Nice moment of textbook torment--heavy books held at arms' length while their pants are down facing us.

Sandra sleeps in and gets spanked in just little panties by Lady D, an erotic fantasy of how to wake up a teenager.

Jasmine caught without panties--a male Dean spanks her after she must wait in anticipation.

Jennifer is late for class and so takes the cane on the bare in front of her classmates. When she tries to cover up, she gets her palms strapped, apparently worse than the cane. Tough bottoms at RS.

Then the group spanking, the girls in their P.E. outfits. A doubled belt, a fierce-looking small wood paddle, and an erotic ending---the bare bottomed girls must kneel erect on the brick hearth for 30 minutes.

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