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Asia's and Darling's Spankings

Starring: Asia and Darling
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

There are rules to disciplining a bad youngster. Explain what they did wrong, make sure they understand the consequences, punish without anger and make sure they get exactly what they deserve. That's the most unique aspect of this video. A young woman and a young worker getting punished the way a TV dad would have done in the 50's or 60's. There's no emotion from the disciplinarian. It's just a job that needs to be done for the girl's own good.

Asia is sent to her room for coming home late. The disciplinarian reminds her that this is the third time she's been late and that she has earned a spanking. The girl agrees. The man pulls out a chair, bends the girl over his knee and begins spanking her over her tight jeans. It's a very believable scene. Asia is also spanked on her panties and then on her bare backside. She is then sent to bed. The next morning, Asia is told that she is also grounded for her transgression. She refuses to accept the punishment. Calmly, the man pulls the girl over his knee and whacks the seat of Asia's gym shorts and her bare bottom. She finally agrees and the punishment is over. The next scene finds Asia on the phone boasting that she's not going to accept being grounded. The man hears this and decides to spank Asia while her girlfriend listens on the phone. The girl is spanked on the sofa, over the man's knee and bends over a stool and is paddled. The scene ends with Asia standing against the wall

There are two scenes for Darling. First, she is spanked for being rude to a valuable customer. Her boss pulls her over his knee and bends her over the desk for a hand and paddle spanking. In the second scene, Darling is punished for taking advantage of the company's over time rules. She is spanked over the knee, in the diaper position and is bent over a stool for a paddle session. Each scene starts on Darling's pants, but she is also spanked on her panties and her bare behind.

This is a tale of two tapes. One I really enjoyed, but was not thrilled with the other. The Asia scenario was believable. A dad teaching his daughter a good lesson. He does a professional job and Asia is a great brat. She complies like a naughty girl and defies like a rebellious child. The Darling scenes are a different story. It's shot from one position. Right behind the girl. We can't see her face, her reaction and not even her body movement. It's just an unflattering shot of her butt and the spanker. The Asia section is worth the price of this tape. It's a unique look at how a discipline spanking should be done. Think of the Darling section as a bonus. She's pretty, she whines extremely well, but it's not in the same league as the first section.

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