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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and has a different entrance page, although from the free area it is not possible to tell how much has been updated since my last review or if they have updated it at all. It is $20 for a one month membership, so I may take a look after getting to some other review first.

I came across this site merely by chance and was immediately intrigued. I'm not sure what it is, but from a Westerner's point of view the spanking of an asian woman is a bit of an enigma. Perhaps it's because sites featuring asian spanking are very few in number, or perhaps it's because we have a fascination with different cultures. So, when I saw that this site boasted a large archive of asian material that had been obtain from mainstream and adult movies alike, I couldn't resist. The site has five main sections. Asian Spankings, Non-Asian Spankings, Asian CP, Asian Clips from Friends, and Animation. As of this writing, the Asian Spanking section contains 74 clips. Some of these are single scene, meaning one clip for one particular movie. Others have multiple clips for a particular movie. I did encounter a few errors during my visit. Some of the thumbnails do not have files on the connecting end. Meaning, when you try to view or save a clip, it simply isn't there or isn't directly correctly, so you are not able to view the file. Another odd error was that some files saved to the hard drive, but when I tried to view them, the clip wouldn't play. It was as though the file was created, but no video was encoded to it. While there was only about 20 files that had errors site wide, it was a little annoying. The clip quality is a wide range of resolutions, viewing sizes, and clarity. A few of the clips were so bad that all you could see was blotchy colors that blended all together. Other clips were viewable, but had a very small screen resolution and were difficult to see. Some of the more recent clips show a marked improvement, with a more acceptable screen resolution and clarity. Only a few were of excellent quality. Where this is a compilation type site, I'm sure the owners could not afford the expensive high resolution equipment needed to created the quality of clip we are used to seeing. I also can not account for the source material, so that may not have been of the best quality either. Anyway, moving right along. As the name might suggest, the Non-Asian Spanking section features clips of women that are, well not Asian. There are over 100 clips in this area, many of which are from other internet sites such as Spanking Online, Girls Boarding School, ect. There are also some clips from older videos from the well known spanking companies. The Asian CP section is geared towards the more severe type of punishments. Whipping, cannings, flogging, and stuff of that nature. 89 clips fill this section, and it appears as though many of these come from actual Asian mainstream films. Most of these clips I had never seen before. Asian Clips from friends is as you might guess a collection of material from other websites that contain Asian women being punished. The material hails from Girls Boarding School mainly with one series from Bad Tushy. Last but not least, is the animated area. There are roughly 20 or so clips of animation that feature spanking. Unlike animated GIFs, these are actual clips from various anime movies and shows. And that pretty much does it. The site is certainly unique, as there is no other internet source I have found that can provide such an archive of Asian spanking material. The question that remains would be is the site worth the $15 entrance fee? Kind of hard to say, it depends upon how much you enjoy Asian spanking. The bothersome parts for me where the horrible quality of the earlier clips as well as the empty files and non-existent links. While the newer clips are better, the updates only consist of a few new clips per week and I couldn't see myself keeping a membership to this site. But, if you are someone that really has a thing for Asian spanking, then it might be worth the money.

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