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8 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/7/11

One of the very brief, almost superfluous spanking scenes made by actor Michael Dawes, we guess with girls who would not agree to the full monty with him.

Dawes is an athlete's manager. Dana is a curvy brunette with a crystal British accent. She has become lazy and doesn't train and has stopped winning. "I know what you need..a bloody good spanking...a good old-fashioned handspanking....take off your leggings."

Without objection, Dana peels off her form-fitting track pants to dispaly leopard print bikini panties. Dawes commences an OTK spanking on the white couch on the familiar CalStar set. He peels her knickers down slowly, relishing this solemn act as he always does.

He spanks hard, as he says he does to his other clients. Dana can't disguise a wry grin as Dawes prattles away. That's all for today. "It will be the cane next time." He twirls her half-naked so we can see the little mohawk trim she did for the occasion.

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