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At Your Service

Written and Directed by Eve Howard
Starring Samantha Woodley and Danny Chrighton
Guest Reviewer: Erica Scott
Running Time: 37 minutes

What do you get when you pair one of the spanking scene's cutest girls with one of its hottest guys, throw in a lot of vigorous spanking with kicking, struggling, bratting and fussing, sexy outfits and crackling chemistry? Shadow Lane's latest video, At Your Service.

Danny's spoiled ex-girlfriend Samantha has been summoned to his home, where he announces to her shock that he has bought all of her father's gambling markers (over a million dollars' worth). With the intent of teaching her a lesson in responsibility and honest work, Danny tells her that she is to be his maid for week, clean his house and serve him, and in exchange for this, he will tear up all the markers and her father will owe nothing. She balks at first, but realizes she has no choice and reluctantly agrees. He then adds that if she doesn't obey him during that week, there will be "consequences." (I know from personal experience, that's one of Danny's favorite words.) She asks for specifics, and he decides to show her, rather than try to explain them. He then pulls her across his lap for her first spanking, which she does not accept stoically. I have never seen Samantha kick, curl up her legs, writhe or put her hands back as much as she does in this video. Danny can barely hold onto her, and it's a lively and fun clash of wills. She alternately squirms, whines, wheedles, pouts and tries to seduce him, but he will have none of it.

In the following vignettes, Samantha, looking quite adorable in two cute maid's uniforms, earns two more spankings, first for refusing to clean the shower stall (with a toothbrush!), and the next for screwing up her duties as serving maid at his party and disappearing with one of his best friends for an hour-and-a-half to boot. During the third spanking, there is a sweet twist, but I won't reveal it here; you'll just have to watch and see.

Samantha, with her beautiful, expressive face and her lovely bottom, is animated and very entertaining to watch in this production. Her antics and attitude give Danny fits, but it's clear that he can't help but care about her nonetheless. And as for Danny...when I reviewed Spanking 101, I said he was destined to be a star, and that destiny has been realized in At Your Service. In his first video as the sole male top, Danny is strong and strict, deliciously verbal and physically dominant. His spankings are firm and intense and redden Samantha nicely.

As an added bonus, several bloopers are included at the end, adding a very funny finishing touch to a delightful video that you will definitely want to add to your collection.

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