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F/F reviewed by the webmaster

There are 3 girls in this video who submit to a similar style spankings from Juila. Anyone who has seen Julia deliver a spanking, knows that she means business and is very heavy handed. Anyway, the video is set up like an interview with a screen play following. First, brunette Vanna is given an interview where she talks about previous spanking experience. They chat for a short while and then go to the scenario. She comes into the room and shows "auntie" a bad report card. Julia then orders her to her room, where Vanna changes into a young girls outfit and panties. (the changing takes place off camera). Vanna is then placed over Julia's knee where she is given a lenghty and hard spanking over the panties. Julia then pulls down Vanna's panties and gives her a very hard and lengthy spanking. Julia uses a short wooden paddle during the spankings and definately doesn't hold back any force. The next girl is an older looking brunette (don't remember her name) and it's the same deal with her. A little interview, then into the same scenario. Paddled over the knee, first over the panites then on the bare. Again, very hard. The last girl is a cute blonde, named Junie. Same deal, interview, then very hard spanking over the panties, then on the bare. I have to say Julia just blisters the daylights out of these 3 models. An excellent tape. Running time is a little over 30 minutes.

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